New Student (Part 2)
Length Unfinished Parts
Creator FanFStory
Summary Once again, Gumball meets Emily Cartridge, the new girl.
Previous Part 'New Student'
Next Part 'New Student (Part 3)'
Date of Creation January 16, 2012
Michelle: Oh gosh...Well, Ummm...

-Penny signals Misami to say nothing-

Michelle: Well, I...uhhh...Can't answer now...ummm...

Miss Simian: Okay Class, now that you met the new student, we can get on with class...The world was said to be blah blah blah...

-Gumball looks at Mabel-

Gumball: I can't belive you said it.

Mabel: I know, it's my fault and you're going to make a speech about it!

Miss Simian: Be quiet.

-Penny smirks in the backround-

Gumball and Mabel: Okay Miss Simian...

Gumball: (Whisper) Did you hear that smirk? That was from Penny! She has plans with me, I know it!

Mabel: (Whisper) Shhhh...! Do you want to be in detention?! Talk at lunch!

-After a boring time in Miss Simians classroom-

Miss Simian: Okay class, remember to do your homework!

Class: Okay, Miss Simian!

-Everyone leaves the classroom-

Mabel: How are you sure she has plans with you?

Gumball: Well, she always looks at me.

Mabel: Big deal, She looked at you before you even made out with her.

-Michelle walks in-

Penny: Hey Michelle, did you here the news?

Gumball: What news?

Michelle: The news said that...

A prisoner broke loose from the local prison.

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