Gumball: You don't mean...

-Michelle nods slowly-

Michelle: I belive that Penny broke out of prison.


Mabel: Isn't the jail heavily guarded?

Gumball: If Penny escaped, then no.

-Penny looks in a distance-

Penny: So they belive it's me...Huh...

-Misami floats past Penny-

Penny's Mind: That's it! The only way to get past  is...

Penny: Hi Misami!

-Misami looks back-

Misami: Eep!

Penny: Awww~ What's wrong? I'm just a friend chatting with you...

-Penny grabs Misami by her...Clouds (Lol) and drags her to the closet-

Penny: Listen, I need you to...-Murmur murmur...-

Misami: W-w-what?! I can't do that!

Penny: Oh really now? If you won't, I'll -Murmur murmur...-

Misami: You wouldn't!

-Penny smiles wickedly-

Penny: You know I would...

-Misami sighs deeply-

Misami: I...I will do it...

Penny: Good...I'll see you tommarow...Friend...

-Penny leaves Misami-


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