Nicole's Job Blunder is a fanfiction by MissingNo. and Darwin 3288765. Leave feedback/comments on MissingNo.'s talk page!


Nicole loses her job at the Rainbow Factory because of Gumball, so Gumball must get Nicole her job back.

Characters used in this chapter


Today is Bring Your Child to Work Day and Nicole, against better judgement, takes Gumball to her workplace, the Rainbow Factory. Nicole is still a bit reluctant.

Nicole: Ok, Gumball, are you ready to go and watch me work?

Gumball: -excited- You bet, mom! I can't wait!

Darwin: -from the kitchen- Mom, why can't I go?

Nicole: Sorry, Darwin! They don't allow pets! And legally, you ARE a pet.

Darwin: -dissapointed- Aww...

-Darwin walks to the fridge and takes out some fish flakes to eat-

Darwin: I'll just eat. That always helps.

-Nicole gets the car ready-

Nicole: Gumball, no reckless behavior. Ok?

Gumball: Come on, mom! You can totally trust me! I'll just relax in the back.

-Gumball assumes a relaxing pose and accidentally sits on Nicole's freshly ironed work suit-

Gumball: Oops. Heheh, sorry.

Nicole: -sigh- This is going to be a train wreck.

-Nicole's car disappears down the road-

Gumball: Mom, are we there yet?

Nicole: -sigh- Not yet, sweetheart.

Gumball: Are we there now?

Nicole: Gumball, it's been one and a half minutes. Can't you wait?

Gumball: Well, how long is the ride to your workplace?

Nicole: 15 to 18 minutes.

Gumball: What?! Aw, come on!

-Four minutes pass-

Gumball: I'm SO BORED! It's been 20 minutes, why are we not there yet?!

Nicole: It's been four minutes, Gumball.

Gumball: Gah! At least turn on the radio or something!

-Nicole turns on the radio, while the Delmore channel is on-

Radio: BreakIng news! Local citizen Emily Cartridge, 12 years of age, has had her jail penalty raised to 24 years. Now for some smooth jazz.

-Jazz music plays from the radio-

Gumball: Emily. How scary.

Nicole: It's been three months! Haven't you recovered?

Gumball: I'm sorry, but it's pretty hard to forget that the new girl at school you loved kidnapped you and your friend and tortured you.


Nicole: Sorry, Gumball. I won't talk at all for the rest of the ride, promise.

Nicole drives the car to the Rainbow Factory, never uttering a word.

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