(Aguilera is looking at Penny who is standing in a Bush)

Aguilera: Penny what are you doing in that bush?

Penny: Hey Aguilera who you dont just mind your own business!

Aguilera: Hmf! Okay!

(Aguilera blows a Raspberry at Penny)

Penny: God darn it! Aguilera would you just go away Nobody even likes you!

Aguilera: (Sniff) Not even Darwin?

(Scene shows Penny behind the Bush with Darwin who is tied and has a Towel around his mouth so he can't talk)

Penny: Espically not Darwin!

Aguilera: (sniff) Okay I will just go away. (walks away Crying)

Penny: Man what a Dumb girl! Darwin don't you think so? heeheehee!

Penny: Man I love you! (Licks Darwin)

(Aguilera is sittin down Crying)

Aguilera: Why Does nobody like me! (Crying)

Fireball's Voice: I like you Aguilera.

Aguilera: What? Is it you Fireball do you really like me?

Fireball: Of course Aguilera! What kind of Boy..hahahaha..HAHAHAH OH my god! I cant do this!! (Fireball breaks out in laugher)

Aguilera: (sniff) (turns her head left) You like me don't you Gumball?

(Scene shows a Jar of Gumballs)

Aguilera: Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

(Penny Randomly pops out from Nowhere with a Darwin Hat Attached to her Neck)

Penny: Hey Look! I made a Darwin hat out of Darwin's Head!

Aguilera: OH MY GOD! (Rainbow Puke)

Gumball Jar: Penny..What the heck?

(Scene shows MeeMee walking)

MeeMee: Well... I the Only one who like her!


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