• Appearantly Penny and Aguilera is the only People Fireball can trust in Hold Elmore


After Darwin finds out he isnt a Real part of the Family He runs Back to the sea To find his REAL! Family

Fan Fictions

Episode begins with Darwin Sittin on the Couch in the Livingroom readin a Book Called The Wattersons Memories

Darwin: Hmm Whats Weird?

Darwin: Im not at Any Pictures

Then Gumball and Fireball Comes Into the Livingroom

Fireball: Hey Darwin!

Gumball: What Are you reading?

Darwin: A Book called The Wattersons Memoris But Im not at Any of the Pictures!

Darwin: I Am a Real Member of the Family

Darwin: Right?

Gumball and Fireball Laughs quiet

Darwin Frowns

Darwin: What?

Gumball: Uhm Darwin..

Darwin: Yes?

Fireball: You not a Real..Part of the Family

Darwin: Wh-what?!

Darwin: What do you mean?!

Gumball: Your Actually Adopted!

Darwin: So Im not a Real..Watterson?

Gumball: Yes..

Theres an Little Silence but then Darwin Runs Cryin Upstairs

Fireball: Oh that was an Bad Idea to Tell him that..

Scene Changes to Upstairs In Gumballs and Fireballs Room Where Darwin is Layin on the Bed Cryin

Darwin: Why is Im Even in this Family when its Not my Real Family

Darwin: I Know it!

Darwin: I will Ran back to the Ocean! To find my Real Family!

Darwin runs over to the Window and Opens it and then he Jumps out of it And Lands on the Street and then he Runs away

Scene changes to Fireball and Gumball who is On there Way to there Room

Fireball: Oh I dont Hope Darwin is Too sad to Talk to us

Then Gumball Opens the Door into the Room and it shocks them that Darwin is Gone

Gumball: Darwin Where is Darwin!?!

Fireball: He Left a Note!!

Fireball Takes the note that is Layin on the Desk

(Fireball Reading the note) Dear Gumball and Fireball I will ran back to my Real family Please dont try to Find me

Fireball: Holy Scramble Eggs! He has Ran away from Home Again!!

Gumball: No! What are we gonna Do

Fireball: We gotta Gather All of our Friends And split them in Groups so we It can be More Easy!

Gumball: Great Idea!

Fireball: I'll ring to Aguilera And Penny

Fireball: These are the Only People i can trust in this Town..

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