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Fireball as seen in the Gumball.Mov Series





Parody Fireball is the MOV Version of Fireball

Biography Him along with Aguilera and Gumball looked for Something in Darwin's shed. Not remembering what he said about going in his shed, they entered anyway, they found out that he had Skeletons hanging around and he made Masami into a Toaster cozy. Gumball and Aguilera escaped when Darwin came, But Fireball didn't escaped and Got killed by Darwin's Spiked Club.

In He appeared as a Zombie



  • In the Fan Fictions he is Smart. In The MOV's He isn't Smart
  • In the Fan fictions He Dosen't have a Catchphrase. In the MOV's his Catchphrase is Swag
  • In the Fan fictions he is Alive. In the MOV's He is dead
  • In the Fan Fictions he is Nice to Gumball (At Times). In the MOV's he Extremely Hates him
  • In the Fan Fictions he is in a Relationship with Aguilera. In the MOV's It's not Known if he even Likes her
  • In the Fan Fictions he Loves his Family. In the MOV's he hates them while Hating Darwin the most
  • In the Fan Fictions he is Gentle. In the MOV's he is very Rude

Similaries to Rainbow Dash and Jappleack

Parody Fireball is based off Rainbow Dash and Jappleack.

  • Both Fireball and Rainbow's Catchphrase is Swag
  • Both Fireball and Jappleack hates their Sibling (Jappleack hates Appleblooom And Fireball hates Gumball)
  • Both Fireball and Rainbow got Killed
  • Both Fireball and Jappleack have a Ask Blog (Some Reply pictures are References to Ask Jappleack)

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