Unknown, probably scientist

Parody Gumball is the MOV version of Gumball Watterson. He seems to still possess stupid thoughts, though ironically is now able to build robots and use black magic through newfound intelligence.


In, when he was searching for something with Fireball and Aguilera, he decided to search for it in Darwin's shed. He opened the shed, completely ignoring all the skeletons and skulls laying around and instead found a creepy book. When Darwin returned to his shed and discovered that they were there, both Gumball and Aguilera escaped and left Fireball in the shed to die. Gumball and Aguilera then witnessed Darwin's arrest and imprisonment at the local mental hospital.

He then appears in his own film Gumball,mov attempting to revive Fireball in a mad-scientist sort of fashion alongside Parody Anais.


  • In the Fan Fictions he isn't smart. In the MOV's he seems to be smart enough to use magic and build robots.
  • In the Fan Fictions he doesn't use magic. In the MOV's he uses black magic.
  • In the Fan Fictions he is friends with Darwin. In the MOV's he bullies him.

Similiaries to PONY.MOV Twilight Sparkle,

Parody Gumball is Based off PONY.MOV Twilight Sparkle

  • Both Gumball and Twilight are Mad Scientists
  • Both Gumball and TP Use Black Magic

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