Parody Sullvan/MOV Sullvan is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball.MOV. He is first seen in, Sullvan.MOV  He is the Gumball.MOV verson of MOV Fluttershy and the MOV verson of Sullvan.


He has the same voice as MOV Fluttershy but he hasn't been covered in red juice and he only pranked Gumball. He has Darker fur then is season 2 form so it's hard to see his mouth. And yes, he dosen't like people in his shed.


He hates people in his shed and he has a chainsaw. He was sent to an mental hospital. It's unknown if he'll be in Fireball.MOV.


In Gumball, hes nice,funny,and kind. In MOVS, hes a killer.

In Gumball,  Hes lighter. In MOVS, hes darker.

In Gumball, he is Firebballs friend. In MOVS, he hates him and kills him.

In Gumball, hes voiced by his creator, Eddy Aponte. In MOVS, he is voiced by a grown up.

In Gumball, he hates Darwin a little. In MOVS, he hates him so much, he killed him also.


He was about to be jappleack but was Fluttershy for no reason.

Sullvan also carrys a chainsaw with him.

He was never seen in any Fireball stories yet. He might soon though.

He reappears in Dog.MOV

His scary WHILE I EAT YOUR BRAIN face is replaced by an scarier verson of Werewolf Sullvan's face.

He hates MOV Darvin more because he also is an MOV verson of Fluttershy.

Third Parody Character after Parody Gumball and Parody Fireball.

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