Gumball and Anais were paired up to fix a puzzle. Of course, the only thing missing is randomness...Till the duo finish the puzzle!

Principal Brown: Hello, students! Your normal teacher, Ms.Simian, had to do something important. So we have a new teacher for the day-
-Principal Browns phone rings in the middle of his sentence-
Principal Brown: Huh? Your telling me she won't be back?! ...Fine. Tell me her condition later.
-He shuts his phone-
Principal Brown: ...Um, Ms.Simian had a small 'accident'. The new teacher will be your teacher for the year.
-Everybody cheers at the news of Ms.Simians accident-
Principal Brown: Okay, okay, settle down. Oh! The new teacher is here!
-A woman with light brown hair, a sweatshirt, and a grey skirt walks in-
Woman: -tilts head- Well, Hello class!
Classmates: A human! ...Her eyes are REALLY red! ...Beep Bop Bibity Boooop (You should already know who said that last one.)
Principal Brown: Well, bye!
-Principal Brown runs out-
Woman: Hello. I'm Mrs.Nomed.
Mrs.Nomed: Today we'll do puzzles!
-Everyone blinks oddly at her-
Mrs.Nomed: I'll let you pair up, and whoever finishes this-
-Mrs.Nomad holds out a jar full of puzzle peices-
'Mrs.Nomad:-will get a prize!
-Mrs.Nomad smiles as everyone buzzes around looking for a partner-
Gumball: Anais! Anais! Lets be partners!
-Anais walks up to Gumball-
Anais: Since there are no more partners, I guess I can be yours.
Gumball: Glad you came to see what I do at school today, huh?
-Anais just sighs-
Mrs.Nomad: Here, a nice puzzle!
-She sets down the same jar on Gumballs desk-
Gumball: Let's do this!

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