Penny (possibly short for Penelope) Fitzgerald is a supporting character RC fandom. She's one of Martha's friends.


With her shell, Penny looks like a brown peanut with antlers. But, if the shell is off, she's actually a shape-shifting yellow-orange-dark pink fairy. She keeps her antlers, but she has now a pair of wings. She has brown eyes and white eyelashes in original series, but in Gumbapedia Fanon and (mostly) RC/NiuuP fandom, they are black. In Gumbapedia Fanon, she speaks in a sort of British (or Southern?) accent. In some episodes, she wears a cheerlander oufit.


Penny is very kind and nice, very unlikely for a cheerlander. She often help people and is very social (and possibly popular). She's got the humor sense, but sometimes she can be serious.


  • Martha thought at first that Penny was an alien.

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