Phinx the jackel

Phinx the jackal

Species: Jackal
Age: 2,000
Friends: Everyone except enemies, Martha
Enemies: Everyone who comes to raid his pyramid

For thousands of years I've seen many diffrent types of trickery that raiders have tried to pull to gain acess to my pryamid. They have all been pathetic, but this one is truly pathetic, Gumball

Phinx to Gumball in Tomb Raiders (source)

Phinx is a character tht will apper in the Egypt saga. He is there to defend his land from everyone who comes to raid his pyramid...........


Phinx looks like your classic Egyptan, golden bracers, ect. He has glowing red eyes, blue markings, doberman-like ears, and a grey snout with a black nose.


He is very protective of his pyramid. He will do ANYTHING to keep people from entering his pyramid. He is also very wise, he has remembered every single trick people have used to get into his pyramid. He also befriends Martha and her friends, because dogs and jackals are good friends.(Fun fact: Jackals are considered a type of African dogs-wolfs.)

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