Gumball: It's my birthday, Mom! My birthday!

Nicole: I know sweetie, just wait. Your father is still getting the car ready.

-Outside the house-

Richard: Come on, Sweetie! Push harder!

Anais: Okay Dad! *Pushes harder*

-Back inside the house-

Nicole: *Sigh* The rain has been going non-stop. The car is buried in mud, I'm not so sure we can go today...

Gumball: What was that, Mom?

Nicole: Nothing dear! (Mind: I hope we can get the car out...)

-Few hours later-

Richard: *Runs inside the house* We got the car out!

-Anais walks in-

Anais: More like I tried, Dad.

Nicole: Really? Then we can go!

-Darwin walks in-

Darwin: Hey Mrs. Mom! Did you see the car?

Nicole: No, why?

Darwin: I just saw it tip over from all the wind!

Nicole, Anais and Richard: What?!

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