Anais: Wind can't be that strong unless it's-

-Gumball runs downstairs to the living room-

Gumball: T-t-t...Tornado!

-A huge blast of wind burst open the door-

Nicole: Get down!

-Nicole dives down with Darwin and Anais under her while Richard does the same with Gumball-

Gumball: M-m-mom?

-Nicole looks at Gumball-

Nicole: Yes...?

Gumball: Are we going to be okay...

Nicole: I don't know Gumball...I don't know...

-Few hours later, Wind starts to settle down-

Nicole: The wind has stopped...

-Nicole sees that the kids are asleep-

Richard: Well, What should we do now? The house and Car is destroyed.

Nicole: The rain is still going, but I don't think it'll bother you when you fix the car.

Richard: W-what?!

Nicole: Just go get the car, Richard. I need to do some..."Decorating" here.

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