Ravi Raccon
Age 12
Gender Female
Aliases TBA
Residence TBA
Species Raccoon
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Relatives TBA
Debut The Apples

Ravi Raccon (Formley known as Ravi Livingstone.)  is an minor character on the show. She resembles Jappleack from the PONY.MOV series. It is revaled in The Intrest that she is Dan Livingstone's sister.


She has a grey mask around her eyes. She looks simular to gumball. She has wide black lines everywhere on her shirt and fur. She also has hair which is arranged like Emily's. Unlike most raccons, her tail is smaller. Her fur and clothes color are simular to Zack Silvia's. She also speaks in a western accent.


The Apples

She made her debut in this episode in this episode eating apples. She Also did this differently in The card. The other OCs saw this and cheared for her. She then found herself in a coma. Everyone but Ravi had a different appearence though.

Carol is thin. (Though he is thin in most episodes.)

Sullvan's smile is diffrent. (It looks simular to fluttershed from APPLE.MOV.)

Frondo's snout is different.

Mirranda has much more wider hair.

Emily has no hair.

The Intrest

Gumball falls in love with Ravi, Penny & Emily are jeulous and jeulousy takes over.

Darling's Brew

A portal is destroying Elmore though Ravi didn'nt care. Nato and Darling warn her to leave. But she refuses. Although her apples get sucked in and she goes after them. But she and her apples are safe at the end.


She is voiced by a male. (Max Gilarti.)

Ravi hates MeeMee so much due to her having more appearences than her, also because when Bobert took over MeeMee, she shot her leg off. 

In The card, Bobert accedently shot her leg off. It is now replaced in The Evils Watterson.

Like Sullvan and Dinky, and Hot Dog, she dosen't care much of her family.

It is reveled in her blog on fessbook,her younger sibling is the one that ate The Watterson's food in The Students.

Depsite she looks like Gumball, her ears are different. (They are arranged kinda like Rigby's ears from Regular show.)

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