Robot Battle is a 90th episode on Season 2 of The Gumbapedia Show.This fanfic is rated FAO. If you are under 13 DO NOT read this story. Please go to a different page.


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  • This is the second time Bobert stole Gumball's life.
  • The episode is sequel to The Robot.
  • This is a fourth fanfiction is rated FOA.
  • This is a third fanfiction that has cussing.
  • Bobert refers The Terminator.
  • This the fourth fanfiction that has blood.


Gumball must battle Bobert to win his life back.


(Episode starts at school)

Gumball: What should we do?

Darwin: We can go to the libraby.

Gumball: Okay.

Darwin: I heard that you talked to Penny today.

At the Libraby

( In the libraby, it's was quiet.)

Darwin: It's quiet.

Gumball: No one hasn't come.

Darwin: Well... there a someone who is charage.

Gumball: There!

Darwin: What did you found?

Gumball: Come on, let's find out?

(When they come in 7 feet away for the computers, they notice someone coming.)

Darwin: Someone's coming!

Gumball: Is it a ghost, a cloud, a frog?

Darwin: A frog?

???: No.

Gumball and Darwin: Bobert!

Bobert: What are you doing?

Gumball: We're getting a book.

Bobert: [menacing]I'm stealing Gumball's life!

Gumball: What?! Not again! I'm sick of you stealing my life!

Darwin: Let's run!

Gumball: No! Let's talk to him.

Darwin: Get out of here!

Gumball: We get in bad to worse!

Bobert: Initiating combat mode!

Gumball: Run away!

Darwin: There's the exit!

Gumball: Let's go!

At the house

Darwin: What we've going to do?

Gumball: Stay here.

Darwin: Okay.

(Someone walks in.)

Anais: Why are you here?

Gumball: We were at the libraby when someone came to get us.

(Before they could continued their sentence, they heard sounds coming from their room.)

Darwin: What was that?

Gumball: Let's go check out my room.

In Gumball and Darwin's room

Darwin: Someone crashed into our room!

Anais: Let's find out who it is!

Gumball: Look! There's a hole through the window!

Darwin: And there's footprints heading to Mount Dump.

Gumball: Come on guys! We got until 8:00pm to find out who it is!

At Mount Dump

(The three of them came) Gumball: We're here!

Darwin: Wait. Where is he?

Anais: At the top.

Darwin: Well. Let's just find him.

(While they are seaching, Gumball climbes to the top.)

Gumball: Hey! I found him! It's Bobert!

(Darwin and Anais run up)

Gumball: And he's standing right behind me.

Darwin: Run!

Gumball: Wait. Just calm down. (To Bobert) Hey! What do you want?

Bobert: There you are!

Darwin: Okay. Run!

(They both run.)

Anais: Hey, can't we just shock him?

Gumball and Darwin: No!

Gumball: It's impossible to fight him.

Anais: Sorry, I didn't know that.

Gumball: Okay. I'll fight him.

Bobert: What you want?

Gumball: Uh.... fight you.

Bobert: Very well. *Puches Gumball*

Gumball: Hey! Why did you do that?!

Darwin: Just fight him.

Gumball: Time to get dangerous!

(Gumball tried to fight him. But, Bobert punched Gumball again.)

Darwin: Get up!

Gumball: I'm okay. I'm just...Severly hurt.

Bobert: There.

Gumball: My turn. *Gets up*

(Gumball tried to puch him, But, Bobert kicked him.)

Gumball: Okay.I can't do it.

Darwin: Well... We need to finsh him.

Gumball: Hmmm......

Darwin: I know!

Anais: Can we shock him?

Gumball and Darwin: No!

Anais: Okay.

Gumball: We need something else than that.

Darwin: Just fight him!

Gumball: Okay!

(Gumball tried, but it failed)

Darwin: No, not that.

Gumball: So, two choices, fight him...

Anais: Or I can shock.

Gumball: Well... I chose number 1.

Darwin: You're going to get killed!

Gumball: Since we got no choice, we choose number 2.

Darwin: Then, let's finsh this battle and get the helmet back!

Gumball: First, we need to hide from him. Then, you come in and let him follow you.

Darwin: How?

Gumball: By using this wood square.

Anais: But, there's no carpet!

Gumball: Oh.Okay.

Anais: No! We need something to shock him!

Darwin: Oh. You mean this one? *Takes out a thing*

Anais: Where did you get that?

Darwin: From the police.

Gumball: Great! Now let's get started!

Darwin: Okay.

Gumball: We need a rope to pull him up.

Bobert: What?

Gumball: Nothing.

Darwin: We left the rope at home.

Gumball: Oh, Shit.

Anais: Well...

Gumball: I want to fucking kill him!

Darwin: What?!

Gumball: Never mind.

Bobert: Then, why the fucking hell you just going to stand there?!

Darwin: Okay, Plan B.

Anais: I think were on Plan C.

Darwin: Okay. We need to go-

Gumball: No more! He's too strong and i'm too hurt.

Anais: I have a idea!

Gumball: What is it?

Anais: I got nonthing.

Gumball: If there is only...

Darwin: There a bucket of water.

Gumball: Oh, okay.

Anais: Great idea!

Gumball: Okay, we have... what time is it?

Darwin: It's 8:25p.m.

Gumball: Holy shit!

Darwin: Mom is going to kill us.

Anais: We got to finsh this.

Gumball: Then, be quiet or will be caught.

Anais: Let's retreat.

Darwin: Plus, Gumball's left hand is bleeding. We need a bandage.

Gumball: Let's go! I don't have time for this!(Start to walk away)

Darwin: Let's go with him.

Anais: We can call him a bitch.

Darwin: Yeah! But, how are we going to get down here!

Anais: Well, Let's jump!

(Then they jump off the mountian)

(The two of them land safety where Gumball is while Bobert lands the ground hardly)

(Everybody gasps)

Gumball: Are you okay?!

Bobert: Hell, no! I think I have severe burns and a broken arm....

(Scene cuts to Elmore hospital where Bobert lies in a bed and the episode ends.)


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