Gumball and Darwin try to pass themselves-off as a band, but when their future selves show-up to help then become famous, things end badly.



-Gumball is sitting on the bed of his room when Darwin barges-in, carrying a large box.-

Darwin: They're here!

Gumball: What's here?

Darwin: The t-shirts for our band!

Gumball: YAY! Let me see it!

-Darwin hands Gumball a t-shirt that has "The Watterson Rollers" printed in the center of the shirt.-

Darwin: So, what do you think?

Gumball: They look AWESOME!!!

Darwin: Hey, we can give these to our friends at school!

Gumball: Great idea!

-At the school, Gumball and Darwin hand-out their band t-shirts. By lunch, everyone is wearing a band t-shirt.-

Gumball: Look around, everyone's wearing our band t-shirts!

???: Did you say band?

-Gumball turns around.-

Gumball: PENNY! OH - uh, yeah, a band.

Penny: Your band should play in at the town music festival. All the famous bands will be there!

Gumball: There's a music festival?

Penny: Of course there is. Look at the flyer.

-Penny hands Gumball a flyer for the Elmore Music Festival.-

Gumball: This festival takes place in two days!

Penny: Yeah, so, is your band gonna play?

Gumball: -overcome with his love for Penny- Oh, sure, our band will play.

Penny: Great! See you at the festival! -walks away-

Darwin: Dude, why did you tell her we'd play in the festival?

Gumball: Because we have a band.

Darwin: But we SUCK! We never, ever in our lives pick-up an instrument! We'll be the laughing stock of Elmore if we play in the music festival!!!

Gumball: Don't worry, I have an idea.

Darwin: And what's your idea?

Gumball: We're gonna get help.


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