Gumball and Darwin try to pass themselves off as a band, but when their future selves show-up to help them become famous, things end badly.


Gumball: You mean, your me - of the future?

Future Gumball: Well, duh! Who do you think we were? Elvis and John Lennon?

Darwin: Dude, that's a cruel joke.

Future Gumball: Never mind that. We're here to help you become famous as a rock band.

Gumball and Darwin: How?

Future Gumball: Let me show you.

-Future Gumball hand Gumball and Darwin two guitars.-

Gumball: Just one question: in the future, do I marry Penny and have an expensive house?

Future Gumball: I wouldn't wanna ruin the surprise.

Gumball: Aww . . .

-Future Gumball snaps his fingers and instantly Gumball and Darwin are in leather jacket's with torn sleeves, wearing sunglasses and their band t-shirts.-

Gumball and Darwin: Woah.

Future Gumball: Now, let's get to work.

-Future Gumball show Gumball and Darwin how to dance like a rock star, sing like a rock star, and hold a guitar like a rock star.-

Future Gumball: That's it, your ready to play!

Gumball: WHAT?! But we never actually learned how to play! We haven't even picked-up an instrument in the last 30 -

-Gumball and Darwin fall asleep.-

Future Gumball: Oh, yeah, and you've been training for 24 hours. Good night.

-17 hours later Gumball and Darwin wake-up already backstage of the Elmore Music Festival. They have their guitars with them and are still dressed in their rick and roll attire.-

Gumball: Darwin, do you hear that?

Darwin: What?

Gumball: That.


Your a pretty, pretty lady, and I think I might be crazy for you.

Gumball: Aww man, and that guy sings great!

Darwin: And we never even learned how to play guitar!

Gumball: We're screwed.


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