Sardine is as minor character of the Agentpman1 series.


He is as giant,blue sardine and his body isn't shown offenly


Whenever someone mentions somthing that has to do with Sardines,Sardine will pop up on the screan saying,SARDINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He is determend to scare MANY younger viewers,(And the characters.) He never says anything else but SARDINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He hasn't said another word. He only says SARDINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sardine made his first appearence in the POPPA.MOV episode,SARDINE.MOV,which was actually a dub of Chloe's big friends.

Sardine,along with Sullvan Dog,Delilgia,Ravi Raccon,and Glusinous,Max Dog,and Felix Dog,are the only characters to not say "pause" in the Antonio321 series.

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