Scar Mcgriffin

Scar McGriffin

Age: 32
Friends: Gumball Watterson,Penny Fitzgerald, Darwin Watterson
Enemies: Dark-Shadow (Arch enemy), Shadow Wolf
Aliases: Rabbit X, X
Species: Rabbit
Residence: Alkmer

"Gumball, I have faced Shadow before and I have all of these scars to prove it. I hope that you know what you're up against."

--Scar to Gumball in Alkmer's shadow

Scar McGriffin is a commando of the ACU (Alkmer Commando Unit) who was sent by Major Z to stop Dark-Shadow. Since then he has befriended Gumball, Darwin, and Penny.


Scar has red fur that is stained with blood from his continuous battle with Dark-Shadow along with a hole in his ear from another battle with Dark-Shadow and a scar on his eye (The scar is how he got his name). Scar also has red markings on his body and a black X on his chest that he got when he first joined the ACU.


Gumball Watterson- He and Gumball are great friends and will always help out eachother. Like getting Penny

Penny Fitzgerald- Scar and Penny hang out a lot too, because most of the time Scar is trying to get info of what Penny likes to help Gumball get Penny.

Dark-Shadow- Dark-Shadow and Scar both hate each other because of what happened long ago at the ACU headquarters.

Darwin Watterson- He mostly sees Darwin when Darwin's walking with Gumball or Penny.


  • Scar got his name from all of his scars
  • Scar is extremely fond of potatos
  • Scar's favroite thing in the whole world is his lucky potato that he got for lunch on the day when he had fought Dark-Shadow for the first time

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