Shadow Wolf
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age 1,000,000,000
Friends Dark-Shadow
Species Shadow
Residence Alkmer
Aliases Blue Thunder


Shadow Wolf is Dark Shadow's pet. He has gotten the blue markings from a special power that Dark-Shadow gave him to make him more powerful like allowing Shadow Wolf to zap blue lightning from his tail.


Shadow wolf is a shadow that took the form of the wolf. He also has purple claws, a grey snout, and blue markings. He (like his master) can transform into anyone and anything but his transformation flaw is that he will always have blue markings on his body.


  • He can shoot blue lightning from his tail.
  • His purple claws can open up portals to diffrent dimensions
  • His eyes are specially disigned to see under water and his eyes can also allow him to see in the dark
  • He can also turn into his flight form



  • He was made 4th in Doctor.Wii's, Top ten made-up characters on this wiki

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