Skylar Peterson
Gender: Female
Age: 12 (The Girl - The Factory [see Appearances])

18 (Gumball in High School,Gumball Ninja Thunder: The Dogs of War)

Birthday: Unknown
Status: Deceased (Gumball Ninja Thunder: The Dogs of War)
Species: Cat
Also Known as: Skyler (Misspelling), Sky
Friends: Gumball, Martha, Penny (frenemies), Mabel, Darwin, Anais, Alexis, Frodo, Carrie, Tina Rex, Tobias, Anton, Carmen, Jamie, Idaho, Alan, and Rocky
Enemies: Penny (former archenemy, current frenemy), Tina Rex (sometimes), Jamie (sometimes), Miss Simian, and the Robinsons
Relatives: Rachel Peterson (mother), Nicolas Peterson (father), Natalie Peterson (sister), Doodles Peterson (adoptive sister), Marcus Peterson (brother) and Granny Josie (grandmother)
Debut: The Girl

|final-appearance = Gumball Ninja Thunder: The Dogs of War



Skylar Peterson is a yellow cat who debuted in The Girl fanfiction. She is Gumball Watterson's 18 year-old girlfriend from Gumball in High School.


Skylar's appearance is strikingly similar to Gumball Watterson's, and is considered a "female conterpart" of him. She is a yellow kitten with five whiskers and a tail much similar to Gumball. She has medium, curly brown hair with ponytail. Her shirt is a short-sleeved, violet hoodie with blue stripes on it, with a pale, yellow long-sleeved shirt underneath. She wears a denim mini skirt. Her waists are not extended like Gumball's, however. At parties she wears a long purple dress.

Her nightwear is a light purple dress.


Skylar is 80% pure tomboy. She hangs out with the boys way more than the girls, but they don't seem to mind. Her boy best friends are Gumball and Darwin. Her personality is a mix of Gumball and Anais: She is a fun-loving optimist but can be serious and pretty smart when she wants to be. She can accidentally get into Gumball's misadventures and tries to turn them into something good, but she always gets stuck in them instead. Skylar may sometimes seem like a bit of a brat, but deep down, she is actually a really nice person and has a Skylar is also very smart. She can accidentally get into Gumball's misadventures and tries to turn them into something good, but she always gets stuck in them instead.

She has a sensitive side that people rarely see, but she almost never cries. There are some girl traits that are seen throughout the series."Crying is for people who have nothing else to do with their life", she once said. There are some girl traits that are seen throughtout the series. For example, in 'The Earring", she tore up the town just to find her earring, which was in Gumball's pocket. Other times she is seen wearing dresses on special occasions. She also likes challenges.

She is great with advice with dating, friendship, family, and others that helps Gumball a lot whenever he has trouble with Penny, Mabel or Darwin. She gets most of her information from teen magazines, which she reads constantly. It is one of the only things she will read. Like Gumball, she loves video games and watching TV. She can be quite lazy but also energetic, just not at the same time. She is not known to be scared of a lot of things, but is fearless when it comes to fighting, not backing down from a challenge no matter what. Skylar can be the kind of "play to win" girl when it comes to sports and races. Skylar hates hugs and kisses, as seen many times when it came to family or friends. However, she does draw secretly Gumball kissing her, so she might just want love interests to kiss her and no one else.She doesn't seem to underestimate people, but overestimate them. Like teasing them in hopes to start a fight, but this gets her into a lot of trouble. Her parents seem to trust her enough to let her stay home alone and let her walk around town. She also once brought up that she babysits and cooks, so this may prove she may be a wild child, butcan be tame and responsible, even to other adults.She spends way more time at the Watterson's house than she does at hers', saying that their house is more fun and exciting than her house. She's aslo the lead singer in the band The Jeanies.


Gumball Watterson

Gumball and Skylar are both love interests. He once asked Penny if it is ok that they break up because he would rather spend more time with her than with Penny.Gumball can sometimes get nervous when he is arond Skylar, like he is sometimes seen blushing, sweating, or turning red in the face when he compliments her on something that she did. She loves hanging out with him and is more of his type, pesonality-wise.

Darwin Watterson

Skylar thinks Darwin is a cute and funny kid to be around. She has no other feelings otherwise for him. The two get along great but have their moments when they argue. Skylar loves having Darwin as a friend and proves it many times by making him feel good when he is down. Some people think this is the start of a relationship between the two. But it is not...

Mabel Watterson

Mabel was Skylar's best friend since childhood. They met when Skylar greatly admired Mabel's sense of music, the two became best friends after that and were revealed that they were best friends for approximately 8 years, Skylar claims that she was glad that she met Mabel and if not, she wouldn't even met everyone. Skylar and Mabel would always encourage and defend themselves from trouble

Anais Watterson

Anais brings out Skylar's intelligent side when they're around each other. Sometimes they read books together or help each other with homework. Anais is aware of Skylar's crush on Gumball and teases her playfully about it.

Main article: The Petersons

Rachel Peterson

Rachel is the female counterpart of Richard Watterson, proving that by their names. She is a stay-at-home mom that is anything but lazy. She loves her daughters very much and wishes the best for them. Skylar knows that her mother trusts her, but is not a fan of her playful schemes.

Nicolas Peterson

Nicolas is the male counterpart of Nichole Watterson. He works in the Rainbow Factory as well but rarely sees Nichole at all. Skylar loves him and always tries to make him happy after a hard day's work.

Natalie Peterson

Skylar and Natalie have an average sister-sister relationship. Skylar sometimes has to watch Natalie whenever her parents are busy. They both have a lot morein common than they think but just don't know it yet.

Doodles Peterson Doodles is a strange, cute pet. She looks like just a ball of orange-yellow fluff and a smiling mouth with a bright red toungue. She has a black skinny tail with a green dot at the end of it, which she wags constantly. She has one blue eye and the other green and acts as a dog, barking and howling while wearing a bright red collar with a yellow tag. Skylar loves her more than anything and will do anything to protect her from harm's way, as well as she does with her.

Granny Josie
Skylar doesn't seem to like Granny Josie a lot and will do many things to stay out of her way. One time whenever Josie visited, Skylar ran to the Watterson's house, which is two houses away from hers, and stayed there for three days until she was gone. This may hint the two have had a history. Alexis
Main article: Alexis

Alexis is Skylar's best girl friend. They are mostly seen together. She and Skylar have a special bond that will never be broken.

Drake Licorice Landerson
Main Article: Drake Licorice Landerson

Drake is another one of Skylar's best girl friends.

Fireball, Frodo, Carly, Tobias, Anton, Carmen, Idaho, Alan, Rocky Robinson

Additional friends of Skylar Peterson.

Miss Simian, The Robinsons (Gaylord and Margaret), Carrie, Emily, Kaylla, Stoney, Jamie

Additional enemies of Skylar Peterson.

Howard Leeson

Best friend turned enemy, cause of serious injury in Gumball Ninja Thunder: The Dogs of War.



  • Skylar carries an iPod around with her at all times, in case of an "emergency".
  • Skylar's best talent is singing. She also sang at the Elmore Junior High concert.
  • Skylar takes part in tennis, and she seems to take Soccer.
  • Her favorite food is Pizza and soda.
  • She is very good at making inventions and dancing.
  • Unlike Gumball, Skylar take roar instead of meow and does use her claws in battle.
  • She loves pop music.
  • It is hinted her middle name is "Ingrid".
  • It is hinted that she has more relatives than shown on television.
  • She is very good at making inventions and dancing.
  • Gumball promised her that he will marry her one day, because he and Penny had broken up.
  • Like Gumball, she is a great liar, theif, and spy.
  • In Gumball Ninja Thunder, she meets Gumball for the first time in the middle of the movie.
  • In the sequel to Gumball Ninja Thunder, she is dating Gumball, then helps him get rid of Krazy Nate, but get seriously injuried from an impact of falling in the Clockwerk Tower while Gumball fights Howard.
  • Like Cobby, she has a birthmark of a triangle with a circle on her right elbow.

Notable Quotes

  • "Mama don't play games, Mama wins them."
  • "It's not that I hate Penny, but I just-uh...don't like her a lot and wish to TRAMPLE AND MANGLE AND KILL HER AND STOMP ON HER REMAINS!!!!! But I don't hate her."
  • "Y'know, lots of people think before they eat something they found on the ground, Gumball."
  • "Hooray. We're dead."
  • "My life is flashing before my eyes!, that's something I didn't wanna see again."
  • "Is it me? It's HIM, right?!"
  • "Gumball, why's my house on fire?"
  • "I think he looks kinda cute."
  • "I find this a great time to go crazy."
  • "So what you're saying is that you were late because a guy was shooting you with plasma launchers? (first GNT2 trailer)"
  • Hi, my name's Skylar Peterson, my family just moved in from Cali. (first GNT movie)"
  • "So you're saying you're a lightning ninja? AWESOME! (first GNT movie)"

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