First Spider-Man - and now - SPIDER-CAT!


The Narrator shows that Gumball was a regular 12 year-old. Sure, you can see that he is definetly a geek (even though he's not smart). One day, something happened that would forever change his life. It all started as Gumball was looking through some papers about the school's science facility. During science the next day, he gets bit by a radioactive spider from an experiment. On the walk home, Gumball realizes that he has spider-like abilities after beating the crap out of Tina, Jamie, Anton & Banana Joe.

Narrator: Gumball used his newfound powers to become famous. He entered in a karate competition. Before he did that, though, he developed a costume based-off the costume of Spider-Man! After he easily broke through solid diamonds at the competition in his outfit, the public made him famous throughout Elmore. One day, a thief pushed Gumball aside as a police officer closely followed.

Police Officer: Young man, how come you didn't stop the thief?

Gumball: Hey, that's your job. Sorry, but I'm through being pushed around by everyone. From now on - all I care about is myself.

Narrator: Oho, if only Gumball knew the consequences of what he did. For on that same night, the same thief shot and killed his father, Richard.

Gumball: NO! If only I had stopped the thief when I had a chance! Then my father would still be alive! What have I done?!

Narrator: And from that day on, Gumball stood by a certain creed - a creed that would stick with him for the rest of his life - "With great power, there must come great responsibility." And so a new name was added to the list of names that made the realm of fantasy the most exciting realm of all!

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