Stace's Thanksgiving Extravaganza




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Stace is grounded from studying for Thanksgiving.

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Stace's Thanksgiving Extravaganza, Part 2

Stace wants to study - but is force to attend her family's Thanksgiving party! Even worse, she's not allowed to study at Thanksgiving dinner! Can she work her way around this puzzling dilemma?


-The story beginns in Stace's room. She is sitting at her desk, studing about the Elmore Revolution. SUddenly her mother walks in-

Stace's Mother: Oh for goodness sakes! Stace please put that book down, we have some good news to tell you!

Stace: Mom, I'm on the Battle of Distril chapter. This "news" better be good.

Stace's Mother: Oh you and your studying habits! Get dressed-up, because the good news is: we're going to the family Thanksgiving party!

Stace: And? I'm studying. Can't we wait 'till next week?

Stace's Mother: STACE WALKER STUFFINGS! Thankgiving is one of the most family-togertheness holidays we have. You are going to this party - and NO STUDYING! Now get dressed!

-Stace's Mother slams the door and Stace is left in a feeling of utter horror. She puts her book down and grabs the phone. She dials a number-

Stace: Come on, come on, pick-up!

???: Hello?

Stace: Hi Teri. It's Stace. I have a question: Why in the world do we have the Thanksgiving party on the week BEFORE Thanksgiving????

Teri: Sorry Stace, but my mom said so. She's in charge of this whole thing. I've tried telling her, but she wouldn't listen.

Stace: Aww man! Now what do I do? My mom banned me from studying at the party! How am I supposed to tell whether Elmore won it's independence before or after General Carmon led his troops in a defensive position against General Enest's troops during the Battle of Distril when I'm not even allowed to study about that?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

Teri: You lost me.

Teri's Mother: Teri, who are you talking to?! It better not be your origami club buddy! I'm coming over there!

Teri: Uh oh! Gotta go!

Stace: But how am I -

Teri: NO TIME!

-Teri hangs-up, leaving Stace in a position of stress and tension-

Stace's Mother: Are you ready yet Stace? You better be ready by 10:30!

-Stace looks at the clock, which reads 10:29-

Stace: Uh oh . . .



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