The conclusion to Stace's Thanksgiving Extravaganza.


Stace's Mother: Come on! Take my hand.

Stace: (kinda weird, gives her hand) Uh...nmh. Okey?

Stace's Mother: Now close your eyes.. (Stace closes her eyes)

-Stace and her mother entry in the living room. A teddy bear is sitting in the middle of the room.-

Stace:  It's Mr. Downsvill! He's the best proffesor from Elmore College! I has flashbacks with him. 

Stace's Mother: Well, the truth is... Mr. Downsvill is your father.

Mr. Downsvill: Stace, I think studying is the most important thing you can do right now. Now Etha, imagine how much money you could save if Stace continues to study and get a scholarship to oh, I don't know - Harvard College?

-Stace thinks about what Mr. Downsvill said and looks at him once more.-

Stace's Mother: -hands Stace some books- Here. Now I want you to go up those stairs and study as much you can, sweetiepie.

Stace: Uh, wow. Thanks Mr. Downsvill.

Mr. Downsvill: No problem, Stace. You can call me "Dad" since now.

-Stace walks upstairs with Teri and studies, and so ends a terrific four-part series!-

Author's Note

Sorry for this conclusion being too short, but I was out of material by this point. After this I intend to finish the rest of my fan-fictions, so look forward to more parts of The Fire and I Have GUTS!

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