A continuation of STE 2.


~Stace's mom parks the car into the parking lot of Teri's house. They get-off and go into the house.~

Stace: Wow.

~Stace sees kids running all over the place, stremers nd cups of soda everywhere. The Wii is being played frantically, seven kids waiting for a chance to play, and the dults are in the kitchen celebrating in their own way. Teri runs in from upstiars.~

Teri: (panting) Hi Stace. Welcome (pant) to the party.

Stace: Shhh! Take me upstairs. I need to finish chapter 23 of my history book!

Teri: But how did you -

~Stace shows Teri that she has been hiding a book in a bag disguised as a birthday gift (though it wasn't anyone's birthday).~

Teri: Oh. Well, you can go upstairs if you like, but there are a lot of kids there. A LOT.

Stace: I don't care. I just wanna study.

Teri: OK then.

~Just as Stace walks upstairs, her mother calls her downstairs.~

Stace's Mother: Stace, come down here and met your uncle Phil!

Stace: (whispering) Do'h!

~Stace wals back downstairs as Teri runs away from a sick kid chasing her.~

Stace's Mother: Ok, Phil, this is my daughter, Stace.

Uncle Phil: Hey there Stace! I heard you like reading.

Stace: (nervously laughing) Who doesn't?

~Uncle Phil laughs, accidently revealing a gun in his pocket.~

Stace: What the what?! Your carrying a weapon?!!!?

Stace's Mother: Stace calm down. Uncle Phil carries it for protection - plus he got the gun from his military service in the Vietnam War.

Stace: Uncle Phil, you fought in the Vietnam War?!

Uncle Phil: Yep. Almost got captured in fact. Fortunetly I came back in one piece right Etha?

Stace's Mother: Phil you know I don't like my name.

Stace: Um . . . can I please go now?

Stace's Mother: Stace, why do you want to leave so early?

Stace: Oh, uh . . . no reason! (laughs nervously) None at all!

~Stace's Mother notices the bag and looks into it.~

Stace's Mother: I see... You really like reading, don't you?

Stace: Yeah, it's kinda true...

Stace's Mother: I understand you. My parents were putting me to read everyday, and honestly, I actually started to hate reading. But you... You're different. You love reading. (Gives Stace's book) Here. It's yours. Sorry I was mean all this time.

~Stace looks at her book.~

Stace:  Woah. Thanks Mom.

Stace's Mother: And after the Thanksgiving Dinner you can read any time. (Giggles) Oh I almost forgot! I wanna show you someone!

What happens next? Look out for part 4 soon!

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