Stace Stuffings
Age 11 - 12, 14 (Season 4)
Gender Female
Aliases Stacy
Residence Elmore (current),

Delmore (future life)

Species "Teddy" Bear
Friends Gumball Watterson, Darwin Watterson, Mabel Watterson , Emily Cartridge
Enemies Evil Emily
Relatives Etha Stuffings (mom), Sophie Stuffings (sister), Xon Jiang (stepbrother), Mr. Jiang (step), Uncle Phil (uncle)
Debut Official: The Grades

Unofficial: Where In The World Is Penny Sandiego? (song)


Stace Stuffings (also called Stace or Stacy) is a close friend of Gumball and Darwin who debuted in The Grades. She is a peach-colored teddy bear who is the smartest of the three. She usually likes things organized, and has a studying OCD, but otherwise she likes having adventures with Gumball and Darwin. She was first mentioned in the song Gumball sung, known as "Where In The World Is Penny Sandiego?".


Stace is a brown teddy bear with long chocolate hair. Her head and nose are similar to Emily. Her new attire consists in a denim jacket over a denim dress and blue Converse sneakers.


The Letter From Emily

After Evil Emily sends Gumball a threat letter, Stace is determined to protect Gumball and Penny. In doing so, Stace becomes a wanted criminal after being accused of kidnapping Gumball and Penny .Evil Emily constantly spies over her throughout The Letter From Emily fanfiction, and finally confronts her in Gumball Watterson, Found. Evil Emily is arrested after being seized by police, and Stace is no longer a wanted criminal.

Elmore: 12 Years Into the Future

As shown in Elmore: 12 Years Into the Future, Stace became the youngest person ever in history to graduate from college. Afterwards she got a job as a teacher at Delmore Junior High.


Gumball Watterson

A close friend of Stace. He was kidnapped by Emily Cartridge's evil clone. Stace was fortunately able to save him.

'Emily' Cartridge

Stace's best friend forever. Stace and Emily have been best friends since Kindergarten. The reason why they became best friends is, when they were young, Emily greatly admired Stace for being a child prodigy, this caused Stace to blushed because she never experienced an admiration from other people that she never know, only her family gives her admiration. 

They've been best friend for approximately 10 years and not even a single fight was ever made. Their friendship grew stronger through work and courage. They always wear their prize possessions,"The Friendship Necklace" ,which was a prize that they won in the Elmore Pizza Making Competition, but sometimes they were never seen wearing the necklace.

Evil Emily

Stace's enemy. She and good Emily are trying to stop her.