Whatever happened to Zarwin after The Institution?


Zarwin ran outside the building. With the four men dead, all the other 39 fish ran towards their homes, wanting to return to their families. But Zarwin didn't know where to go next, because he had no family. Zarwin was a wild fish who used to live in the lake until one day when the four men knocked him unconsious and dragged him to the institution. Now Zarwin was left to find a new life, for the lake he onced lived in was 12 states away. After all the fishes left for home, Zarwin walked into the field right next to the building. He kept walking until he saw a road. Following the road, he soon came to an abandoned hotel. He opened the door, which fell apart right after he touched the door-knob. Zarwin looked at the lobby, which was covered in dust. On the couch was a skeleton. Zarwin was scared straight, so he left the hotel.

He kept following the road until he came to a halt. The road split, and Zarwin didn't know whether to go left or right. He eventually chose left, and kept walking. By the time night had arrived, Zarwin had traveled about 35 miles. Exhuasted, hungry, and weak, Zarwin lied down using a boulder as his pillow. He forced himself to sleep.

The next morning Zarwin awoke. He got up and began walking again. Soon he came upon a small town of about 4 houses. A small sign read "Welcome to Kelnmore, Population: 7". Zarwin knocked on two doors, but no one was there. He knocked on the door of the third house, and a woman who must've been in her 90s came to the door. Explaining the situation to her, the old lady told Zarwin that it would be best if he go live his life in what they called "Elmore". After giving Zarwin food, the old lady led Zarwin to the road that led to Elmore. Zarwin traveled down the road, but again night befell upon the land. Zarwin again forced himself to sleep and when he woke-up, he began walking again. Some a sign came-up that read "Welcome to California". Zarwin ran past the sign and finally he came upon civilization.

Two gracery stores were on opposite ends of the road, and houses lined the block. A sign read "Welcome to Elmore, Home of the Mustangs". Zarwin was overjoyed, for he finally found a place to live. After going around town, Zarwin knew that unless he had money, he wouldn't get anywhere in life. So he decided to start his own car-washing business.


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