Stupid Cupid Love
Length One Part Parts
Creator Doctor.wii
Summary Fireball believes Simon is dating with Aguilera.
Previous Part None
Next Part None
Date of Creation February 2, 2012

Fic begins with Gumball and Fireball sitting on the trap waiting

Then Aguilera comes

Aguilera: Hey Guys! Whatcha doin' ?

Fireball: Waiting for our cousin to arrive (Flatly)

Aguilera: A cousin? What is his or her name?

Gumball: His name is Simon

Aguilera: Simon! Whats a wonderful name!

Fireball: Look! There comes his bus!

(A yellow bus stops and Simon comes out of it)

Simon: Hey Gumball! Hey Fireball! It's so good to see you!

Fireball: Hey Simon (He said indifferent)

Aguilera: Oh my gosh! What a hottie!

Simon: Hey Fireball! What about a hug?

Fireball: I'm sorry but I have a disease that makes me unhugable

Simon: Okay?

Simon: Gumball! Oh, I missed you so much! How about a hug?

Gumball: Sorry, but Fireball has infected me

Simon: Wow, what a contaigion!

Simon: And who is this beautyful girl?

Simon points at Aguilera

Fireball: It's my..

(Aguilera suddenly speeds over to Simon and interrupts Fireball)

Aguilera: My name is Aguilera!

Aguilera: I'm Australian American! And and and!!

Simon: Whoa, take it easy. My name is Simon

Aguilera: Shall I bet you around?!

Simon: Okay!

Aguilera: GREAT!

(Aguilera storms off with Simon)

Fireball: What the heck was that about? Did Aguilera just blast off with another guy!????

Gumball: Take it easy, Fireball. You know how girls are!

Fireball: Yeah, I think you're right

Gumball: Come on, lets go in

Later the same day Fireball is sitting on the couch in the livingroom waiting

Fireball: Aww! Come on! How long can it take!?

(The the door opens and Simon comes in)

Fireball: Where were you?

Simon: What do you mean?

Fireball: Why did it took so long ?

Simon: Aguilera showed me the hole city of Elmore!

Simon: It's a very large city!! Not like my town.. it's very small

Fireball: Yeah right

Fireball: You didn't flirt with her or something?! (Suspecious)

Simon: Of course not!

Simon: Well *Yawns* Its late so i'm going to bed. Good night!

Fireball: Good night, Don Juan

Simon: What?

Fireball: Nothing!

(Simon goes up the stairs and into the guest room)

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