Setting: The Wattersons household, on the couch. Gumball and Darwin stare eerily at the manila envelopes in front of them while Anais smiles widely.

Gumball: Okay...Who's going to open theirs first?

-Anais raises her hand immediately-

Anais: Me! Me! Gumball, pick me!

Gumball: Sure, go ahead.

-Anais rips the manila envelope in half and holds it up for Gumball and Darwin to see-

Anais: Straight A's! Again!

-Gumball rolls his eyes, he knew Anais would get A's-

Darwin: My turn!

-Darwin rips his like Anais and looks-

Darwin: Wow, straight D's!

Anais: Those are B's.


Gumball: My turn...

-Gumball picks up the manila envelope in a slow motion and rips the cover off-

Gumball: My grades are... a-a-a-a-

-Anais takes the paper, but there was no grade except 2 words written in red ink-

Anais: Summer School. ...That's never good.


Anais: Calm down, Gumball. We can fix this.

-A shadow covers Anais, Gumball, and Darwin-

???: Everything just with my help !

Gumball: Martha!

-Martha snatches Gumballs report card-

Martha: You're not the only weaseling out of this mess. Don't think I don't know getting out of the report cards.

-Anais looks at Martha-

Anais: You skipped Summer School?!

Martha: Oh, many times!

-Martha points her finger upstairs-'

Martha: -whipsers at his ear- Gumball, go up to your room. We'll talk about this -

-She holds up the report card-

Martha: -tonight.

-She jump on a window and walks away, and Gumball drags himself up to his room.-

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