Survivor Gumball Island Ep.10 (Part 1)
Length Two Parts
Creator Gumball2
Episode Summary The new merged tribes argue over their tribe name.
Previous Episode Survivor Gumball Island Ep.9 (Part 1
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Next Episode Survivor Gumball Island Ep.11 (Part 1)
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Date of Creation February 1, 2012


(At camp.)

Miss Simian: I believe camp should be right here.

Gumball: Well, are you sure?

Miss Simian: Of course I'm sure, camp is right.......there!

(Miss Simian points towards an orange banner.)

Gumball: Well, for the first time this season, you're right about something.

(Everyone laughs.)

Miss Simian: Oh, shut up!

(in confessional)

Miss Simian: It's cool and fun and all. But we're at the merge, and if those guys think they can bring me down, they won't have a chance.


Anton: Alright everyone, it's been a long day. So lets just head on down to camp.

Gumball: Don't you know when to sleep?

Anton: Um.......we can sleep in the sand.

Carrie: In these conditions?

Anton: Well would you rather build camp? And be out all through the night, exhausted?

Gumball: Well I guess we could start in the morning. But we have to choose a name for our tribe first. I think it should be Gumball!

Miss Simian: Are you out of your mind?!

Darwin: Yeah you're right. It should be Darwin.

Miss Simian: Well I want the old tribe to have our pride. All in favor of Monkey?!

(Everyone on the original Team Monkey raises their hand.)

Miss Simian: Oh come on y'all! Get into the spirit!

Gumball: Yeah you're right. It should be Incredible!

(Everyone on the original Team Incredible raises their hand.)

Gumball: Well I'm afraid there's nothing you really can do. We had more players!

Miss Simian: Well you can forget it! We're sticking with Monkey!

Gumball: Can it! We're doing Incredible! And that's final!

Anton: Stop it all of you!

Gumball: Anton, stay out of this!

Anton: Look I know what we can do.

Gumball: Look! There's nothing anybody can do!

Anton: What about if we name it Incredible-Monkey?

Miss Simian: No way! How come their name goes first?!

Anton: Well what do you expect? Incredible-Monkey actually makes sense. It's not like we can name it Monkey-Incredible.

Miss Simian: That's it! Monkey-Incredible! That's the name!

Gumball: Are you mad?! Anton's suggestion was better!

Miss Simian: No way!

(Gumball pushes Miss Simian.)


(Miss Simian pushes Gumball.)

Gumball: As a matter of fact!

(Gumball pushes Miss Simian.)

Gumball: I did!

Miss Simian: OH YOU'RE DEAD NOW!

(Miss Simian tackles Gumball.)

Gumball: Incredible-Monkey!

Miss Simian: Monkey-Incredible!

(Gumball and Miss Simian start rolling along the beach.)

Anton: Guys, it doesn't matter what order the names go in.

Carrie: Shut up. You started this anyhow.

Anton: Well yes I suggest the names but-

All: Go stop it!

Anton: Alright fine I'll go.

(Anton walks over to Gumball and Miss Simian.)

Anton: Alright break it up you two!

(None of them answer.)

Anton: Um guys!

(Anton tries to separate the two.)


Gumball: I told you to stay out of this!

Anton: Alright we're to settle this once and for all! How do you want to settle this?

(Gumball and Miss Simian walk towards each other, but Anton separates them.)

Anton: Without fighting?

Miss Simian: Flip a coin.

Gumball: We don't have a coin.

Miss Simian: Um....hold on a sec.

(Miss Simian runs into the woods and comes out with a pebble.)

Miss Simian: We'll flip this.

Gumball: Fine. The top will be heads, the bottom will be tails.

Miss Simian: Okay, here.

(Miss Simian hands the pebble to Anton.)

Anton: Alright do you promise to accept the result?

Miss Simian: Just get on with it!

Anton: Ok.

(Anton throws the pebble into the air.)

Gumball: Heads!

Miss Simian: NO FAIR! Tails!

(The pebble lands in the sand.)

Gumball: Well what was it?

(Anton observes the pebble.)

Anton: I can't tell.

Miss Simian: Well it was obviously tails.

Gumball: No, it was heads!

Miss Simian: TAILS!

Gumball: HEADS!

Anton: Bobert! Do you know what it was?

Bobert: I'm not gonna tell you. Your on your own.

Anton: Jerk!

Bobert: Hey, I've been called worse.

Anton: Alright you two break it up!

Gumball: OK! Miss Simian's "idea" was stupid anyway.

Anton: Well how do you want to settle it?

Gumball: Rock Paper Scissors.

Miss Simian: Oh come on! That's how 6 year olds resolve issues!

Gumball: Hey, it's a lot better than your idea.

Miss Simian: Well if only I had a coin.

Anton: Alright, best of three wins.

(Gumball rolls scissors, Miss Simian rolls rock.)

Miss Simian: YES!

Gumball: Remember, it's best of three.

Miss Simian: I remember.

(Gumball rolls rock, Miss Simian rolls scissors.)

Miss Simian: WHAT?! That's ridiculous!

Anton: Alright. Final round, winner takes all.

(Gumball rolls paper)

(Miss Simian rolls scissors.)

Miss Simian: OH YES! I WIN!

Gumball: No you didn't! You rolled long after I did!

Miss Simian: NO I DIDN'T! Tell him Anton.

Anton: Actually Gumball's right. So that's why we're going into sudden death.

Miss Simian: Fine.

(Gumball rolls rock, Miss Simian rolls scissors.)

Miss Simian: NO!

Anton: Well looks like our name will be Incredible,Monkey.

Darwin: Well we should get to sleep now.

All: Yeah.

(Everyone except Miss Simian heads off.)

Miss Simian: I can't believe that I lost!


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