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(Back at camp.)

Emily: I cannot believe you Mr. Small!

Mr. Small: Hey, I was only playing the game. Besides, I bet you would've done the same.

Emily: I may be a hardened criminal, but I'm nowhere near as cruel as this.

Mr. Small: It doesn't matter at this point sweetheart.

Emily: Oh don't "sweetheart" me you monster!

Mr. Small: Well at least I didn't go out there and force a man into some loose commitment.

Emily: Well you bring people down because of their physical capabilities!

Mr. Small: Well I hate to break it to ya. But Lord knows how those people even got here in the first place.

Emily: They got on because they would do good here. Or at least that's what they thought.

Mr. Small: Well you just 'till the next Tribal Council sista!

Emily: I'll see you as well!

(The next morning.)

Gumball: Alright everybody, we should build camp now.

Miss Simian: Well it certainly is about time.

Gumball: Yes I know there was a delay but we have a free day.

Miss Simian: Hey I know, we can just merge the two camps together.

Anton: But Miss Simian, we don't know where your camp is!

Darwin: And we don't know where your camp is! Come to think of it, I don't know where Monkey's camp was.

Tobias: Me neither.

Penny: Well somebody had to have been keeping track. Miss Simian?

Miss Simian: Don't look at me! I didn't keep track.

Gumball: Alright calm down. We can use the Incredible camp. Now where is it?

Bobert: I do.

Gumball: You do?! Where is it?!

Bobert: Follow me. It'd be best considering none of you can understand me.

(Miss Simian starts following Gumball.)

Gumball: Oh no you don't!

Miss Simian: WHAT?!

Gumball: We may be merged, but you have no right to know where we were.

Miss Simian: I don't care!

(Miss Simian continues following.)


Bobert: Here it is.

Gumball: Ah, the good ole cabin!

(Gumball turns and sees Miss Simian.)

Gumball: Miss Simian! I told you to stay back!

Miss Simian: I don't care what you say. That's not how I roll.

Gumball: Fine! Since you're already here, you must as well help us.

Miss Simian: Alright.

(The team gather around the structure.)

Gumball: Alright everyone. I want you all the lift as hard as you can. Alright go!

(The team lift the structure.)

Gumball: Alright. Let's head back to camp.


Darwin: Hey how long do you think they've been gone?

Tobias: I'd say a few hours. I never knew they were so far away from here.

Penny: Well I just hope that they come back safely.

Darwin: Yeah we all hope that.

Tobias: True.

Darwin: Hey!

(Darwin looks across the beach.)

Darwin: I think that's them!

Tobias: Are you sure it's them?

(Tobias and Penny look across the beach.)

Tobias: You're right! It is them!

Darwin: Come on! Let's help them!

(The three run towards the group.)

(A few minutes later.)

Gumball: That......was.........exhausting!

Darwin: It wasn't that bad!

Gumball: That's because you were only there for the final stretch! That journey went on for MILES!

Darwin: Well that doesn't matter because it's here!

Gumball: Yeah. I guess you're right, I mean it IS easier than building a camp from the ground up.


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