Survivor Gumball Island Ep.12 (Part 1)


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Tension grows between Mr.Small and Emily. Meanwhile,Gumball forms an alliance.

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(At camp)

Emily: My god, you are so pretentious!

Mr.Small: ME?! Pretentious?!

Emily: Yes! You're coming up with some cocking bull excuse to make yourself look good!

Mr.Small: As I recall, you're only 12. You're not old enough to understand us adults.

Emily: WHAT?! What are ya talking about?!

Mr.Small: What I'm saying is, if anyone here is arrogant, it'd have to be you.

Emily: Oh shut up!

(Gumball notices the two arguing.)

(in confessional)

Gumball:! Ever since we got back from Tribal Council, they've been attacking each other. I mean......GET OVER IT!



Emily: Oh my.......looks like our fighting has awoken my Gummypuss. There, there, me and MR.SMALL just are a LITTLE barring right now.

Gumball: Oh shut up! I'm not a baby!

Emily: It's alright. It's just that Mr.Small voted out someone because of something they can't control.


Emily: I do! And I really think you should support me.

Gumball: Don't you think you're overreacting just a little bit?!

Emily: Of course not! Mr.Small needs to pay for his wrongs!

Gumball: But Emily, you hardly knew Carrie. Do you really think Mr.Small was wrong?! Or are you just trying to make yourself feel important?!

Emily: Gumball, of course I knew Carrie. We were JUST getting to be friends.

(Emily starts walking away.)

Gumball: Just like what you did to me?!

(Emily stops ands turns towards Gumball.)

Emily: Gumball, forgive and forget. You're SO over that.

Gumball: You don't forget things! EVER!

Emily: Gumball, that was ancient history. Now if you excuse me, I have some business to settle.

(Emily walks away.)


(Darwin is skimming rocks along the ocean.)

(Gumball walks towards Darwin.)

Gumball: Hey Darwin.

Darwin: Oh hi Gumball!

Gumball: Darwin, we need talk, big time!

Darwin: Well what is it about?

Gumball: Sit down.

Darwin: Okay.

(The two sit down on the beach.)

Gumball: You know, how Emily got completely mad at Mr.Small?

Darwin: Yes.

Gumball: Well, things are getting worse. And I'm thinking that there's more to this than one might think.

Darwin: Well what is it?

Gumball: Well the signs are obvious. She's mad because of Carrie, which whom she hardly knew.

Darwin: You have a point.

Gumball: I also think Emily is being a hypocrit. I mean, she did vote off Teri.

Darwin: But Gumball, that was different. That was a clear decision made by Teri herself. Carrie was voted off because of her physical abilities.

Gumball: Well that's not the point! The point is she's accusing someone of doing a crime she already committed. Don't you think that's a little barring?

Darwin: Well I sorta see what you're getting at. So what do you want me to do about this?

Gumball: Well.......I wanna form an alliance with you. Emily is getting to the top, one person at a time and......we need to stop her! So what do ya say?

Darwin: Okay Gumball, I'll form an alliance with you. But there's a problem, there's not enough of us!

Gumball: We can get Mr.Small, together we'll be invincible!


(Gumball and Darwin walk to Mr.Small.)

Gumball: Hey Mr.Small!

Mr.Small: Oh hey you two! What ya doin'?

Gumball: Mr.Small, I am very aware of your current standing with Emily. And I'm here to help. Do you want to join my alliance?

Mr.Small: Well Gumball, that's very appreciative of you. However I don't need one.

Gumball: WHAT?! But Mr.Small you surely will be eliminated if you don't!

Mr.Small: I gotta honest with ya, I'm not sure if I'm safe with you as well.

Gumball: But you will be safe, I just know it!

Mr.Small: Listen, what army does Emily have a brewing any how?! I'll be fine, you just gotta trust me.

Gumball: Alright, I understand. I'll get outta your hair.

(Gumball and Darwin walk away.)

Darwin: What are we gonna do?!

Gumball: Relax! I know how we can save him.

Darwin: But how?!

Gumball: Start diggin'!

(Gumball starts looking in a tree.)

Darwin: I'm still not sure what you're doin'!

(The next morning.)

(Mr. Small wakes up and notices a Hidden Immunity Idol.)

Mr.Small: GAH! What the-

(Mr.Small observes the idol.)

(Mr.Small places it in his pocket.)

(Emily wakes up.)

Emily: I'm going for a walk.

(Emily walks away from Mr.Small.)


(Emily finds a Hidden Immunity Idol on the ground.)

(Emily picks it up)

Emily: Yes.

(Emily places the idol in her pocket.)

(in confessional)

Emily: I did it! I found the idol! Sayonara Mr.Small!

(Emily evil laughs)



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