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(On Team Incredible)

Emily: You see Skylar, didn't I tell you?

Skylar: I, was, wrong. However was it possible?

Emily: I'm not telling you. But now, Gumball's mine.

(in confessional)

Skylar: I really ponder about Emily's plan. Everything pointed towards Emily's elimination. And with a wild card Gumball out here, I'm not sure what things will be like going forward.


Skylar: Emily...

Emily: Yes, Skylar.

Skylar: Now that you made some move, what will you do going forwards?

Emily: I don't plan Skylar, I go on this ride and let it take me as far as possible.

Skylar: Oh, because for someone like you. I would expect otherwise.

Emily: Hey, with Gumball by my side, I know I'll never fall.

Skylar: Emily, Gumball's my best friend. How can you hook up?

Emily: Er.......Never mind. Right now, I have a date with density.

(Emily walks away.)

(in confessional)

Skylar: I wonder about whether Emily used me or not. She might be mad that I tried the questionable carry through the beach walk. But I am a free girl, and I will defend my friend in what seems like tough times.



(Gumball is sitting down as Emily walks over.)

Emily: Hey scrumptious.

Gumball: Oh hi Emily.

Emily: So, what are you doing? What I meant was, who are you thinking about?

Gumball: Not really important right now.

Emily: So long as I'm here with you, what do you say we make out?

Gumball: No, not really.

Emily: Tonight is a beautiful, starry night. Don't you feel like walking along the beach? Especially with those you admire, or should I say love the most?

Gumball: No, my legs are sorta tired.

(in confessional)

Emily: It makes no sense. I knew that we were separated by this, thing in the middle of the road. So I go through and move it, I go over, and my partner won't budge. It's like there's.....a barrier between us ALL OVER AGAIN.


Emily: Oh, that's a big bench you're sitting on. Seems as if there's room for a- second organism.

(Gumball looks at the length of the bench, and notices that Emily can sit down.)

Gumball: Eh, I don't know. Looks small to my point of view.


Gumball: Alright, I'll tell ya. I know what you did at Tribal Council this evening. You switched the votes. Switching them is one thing, switching them for a worthy love of my life is another. Me and Teri had something special, she had my point of views. She was someone I could relate too. We made out, yes. But I'll have you know that we did that because you were right, WE LOVE EACH OTHER! You're just a dirty bag who's due back in jail when this is over. I don't see happiness in you, I SEE HATE! SO STUFF THAT DOWN YOUR THROAT!

(in confessional)

Emily: I can't believe that Gumball attacked me like that. But I know he doesn't mean it. Yeah, Yeah he was probably a bit over excited from tonight's vote.


(in confessional)

Gumball: Okay, I know I don't REALLY like Teri, but I just PRETEND to, to make Emily mad. There, I said it, remember that folks, oh, and also remember that my REAL girlfriend is Skylar. Yeah, I know that Emily wants to befriend her, but she is NOT her friend.


(The next morning.)

(Emily wakes up.)

Emily: Ah, what a night.

(Emily gets up and notices Gumball on the beach.)

Gumball: Oh, you like poetry too. Well that's wonderful Teri!

(Emily grows suspicious and walks over to Gumball.)

Emily: Hey Gumball. Who's that you got there?

Gumball: Oh no, it's Emily again. Teri, I hope you know that I'll never turn you in for this girl.

Emily: What?! Gumball what are you talking about?

Gumball: Oh I thought you knew who Teri was.

(Gumball shows Emily a doll that resembles Teri.)

Gumball: Don't worry Teri, nothing could ever separate us.

(Gumball starts making out with "Teri".)

(in confessional)

Emily: Well I done it now. I started off with a nice bachelor. And now I've created a total mad man.


(A crowd surrounds Emily.)

Emily: What is it guys?

Anton: Bobert found out about the vote and told us.

Mr.Small: You've turned a good leader into a psychotic mad man.

Emily: Well what do you want me to do? It's not like I can bring Teri back.

Bobert: Well then you'll have to come up with a way. You got us into this mess. So you'll have to get us out of it if we're ever gonna start winning challenges again.

(in confessional)

Emily: How am I supposed to do this. I'm not a conseulor. Otherwise, I wouldn't be all over the news for my infamous actions.



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