Survivor Gumball Island Ep 2 (Part 1)
Length Unfinished
Creator Gumball2
Episode Summary While Tobias is thinking of leaving the alliance, Gumball's love with Teri becomes more noticeable.
Previous Episode Survivor Gumball Island
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Next Episode Survivor Gumball Island Ep 3 (Part 1) (next part)
Date of Creation December 11, 2011


(On Team Monkey)

Nicole: I am so mad right now!

Tobias: It's not any of our faults. It's Richard's fault, he's just plain stupid.

Nicole: SHUT UP!

(Nicole punches Tobias in the face.)

Tobias: Wow, that's harsh.

(in confessional)

Nicole: I know about Miss Simian and her little alliance. Sure my husband is gone and all, so I'm just pretending to moan so that Miss Simian will think I've lost my mind. The whole tribe knows my plan, well of course except the alliance. I need to stop Miss Simian before she gets too powerful.



Miss Simian: Oh where is that guy?

Tobias: Never fear, Tobias is here.

Miss Simian: So, how was the "sympathy" going with Nicole?

Tobias: It's official, she's lost her mind.

Miss Simian: Perfect. She is so the next one to go.

'Tobias:' I can't agree more.

Miss Simian: Well. Not exactly next to go.

Tobias: What do you mean?

Miss Simian: I'm talking about William.

Tobias: What's wrong with him?

Miss Simian: How can ANYONE not see what's wrong! He's weird, stupid, and no help. I want him out!

Tobias: Well actually, I sorta like him.

Miss Simian: WHAT!? Do you want to stay in this alliance?

Tobias: Well maybe I was considering leaving.

Miss Simian: Are you sure? Do you really want to go out in the storm of the game, and risk being eliminated by this alliance. Hm.

Tobias: Alright, I'll stay.

Miss Simian: Good. That's a good boy my dear.

(Meanwhile on Team Incredible)

Gumball: Ah, I like the smell of victory in the morning.

Teri: What does that mean?

Gumball: I don't know.

(Emily walks in the distance)

Emily: How could he?

(in confessional)

Emily: I'll be honest with you, I LOVE Gumball. And there my lover is hitting on some piece of paper. Oh she is so dead!


(Emily walks over to the two)

Gumball: Oh hi Emily, me and Teri were just talking.

Emily: Oh that's news. Teri, can I have a turn with Gumball's time?

(Teri grows nervous)

Teri: Sure...

Emily: Thanks!

(Emily takes Gumball's hand and runs off)

Emily: Now you listen to me! You will NOT hang out with that paper chick anymore!

Gumball: You mean Teri?

Emily: Exactly! I'm your mate! And. YOU. WILL. BE. WITH. ME!

(Emily storms off, Gumball stands alone)

(in confessional)

Gumball: I'm not sure what Emily's problem is. She can't accept the fact that we were through! I will make it my personal duty to get her off ASAP. By the way, shouldn't she be in jail?



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