Survivor Gumball Island Ep 3 (Part 1)




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Season One, Episode Three



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(On Team Incredible)

Teri: So Gumball, who should we vote off if we lose?

Gumball: Lose. HA HA! Like that'll ever happen.

Teri: No I'm serious.

Gumball: Look to honest, I don't know.

(Bobert walks over.)

Bobert: Gumball, camp is complete.

Gumball: Really, you're done?

Bobert: Yes, lets see it.

Gumball and Teri: Okay.

(The three then walk over to the completed camp.)

Gumball: I've gotta say, we did a pretty good job. HEY HECTOR! COME OVER AND SEE THIS!

(Hector is over by the beach.)

Hector: OK!

(Hector then runs across the beach, and accidentally steps on camp, destroying it.

Gumball: Hector!

Hector: Sorry.

(Hector walks away.)

(in confessional)

Gumball: I cannot believe this! We worked on camp all week. And it is instantly reduced to nothing thanks to Hector! He better be productive at the challenge.



Darwin: Alright people, I know that our first week wasn't neccesarily the best. However I feel as if this is our time.

(Darwin looks around and notices no one is paying attention.)

(in confessional)

Darwin: The problem is that there's not enough team spirit. I need to do something.


(Darwin runs out into the woods.)

Stace: Where is he going?

Nicole: I don't know.


Darwin: This is perfect!

(Darwin takes a large leaf.)

Darwin: All I have to do is write the team name with this. But what do I use as ink?

(Darwin looks up and finds a beehive.)

Darwin: Oh yeah.

(Darwin climbs up the tree, reaches into the beehive, and finds a weird necklace.)

Darwin: What the...

(Darwin then accidentally falls off the branch.)

Darwin: OW!

(Darwin gets back on his feet.)

(in confessional)

Darwin: I was just in the woods, and I found this really weird necklace. What is it?


(Darwin puts on the necklace.)

(Back on Team Monkey.)

Miss Simian: Does anyone know where Darwin?

Darwin: I'm right here!

(Darwin arrives at camp.)

Miss Simian: What is that?

Darwin: What is what?

Miss Simian: What you're wearing, that's what?

Darwin: Oh, I found this in the woods.

Stace: What! You got that from the woods?

Darwin: Yes.

Stace: Darwin, that thing could be cursed. Where in the woods did you find that?

Darwin: Oh I found it in a beehive.

Stace: A BEEHIVE! You're crazy. Anything found in something like that is cursed.

Darwin: There's no such thing as curses okay.

(in confessional)

Stace: I can tell that thing is cursed. It MUST be.



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