Survivor Gumball Island


Episode No.

Season One, Episode Four



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Survivor Gumball Island Ep 3 (Part 2)

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Survivor Gumball Island Ep 4 (Part 2)


(On Team Incredible)

Gumball: Finally we can rebuild camp. Come on everyone, we can do this.

(Everyone comes over)

Gumball: Alan, can you hand me the machete?

(No answer)

Gumball: Alan, ALAN!

Alan: Hey, I don't have any ARMS!

(in confessional)

Gumball: The no-arms excuse is starting to get on my nerves. I just don't think Survivor is cut out for him.


Gumball: Fine, I'll get it myself.

(in confessional)

Mr. Small: I'm getting sorta of nervous. Gumball is becoming overbarring and dominating.

Alan: So what if I have no arms. I didn't sign up for this, my parents did. It's a miracle they could sign the forms.



Miss Simian: FINALLY! WE WON!

Darwin: Alright!


Darwin: WHAT?!

Miss Simian: When me and Jeff were negotiating, the producers threatened to make us go to another Tribal Council!

(in confessional)

Miss Simian: If only you had seen that arguement with the producers. I'm feeling that Darwin did that on purpose! He's SO the next to go. But he has that stupid Hidden Immunity Idol! I need to get that off his hands.


Miss Simian: Well, what I meant was that the producers THOUGHT that it would mean that Team Incredible would win. However, they couldn't have been more wrong. Silly producers.

Darwin: Ok.

(in confessional)

Darwin: I know what Miss Simian is trying to do. I ain't never getting rid of this Hidden Immunity Idol. You know, I think there's more of them.


(Darwin sneaks off into the woods.)

Darwin: It's gotta be here somewhere.

(Darwin climbs up a tree, but doesn't find it.)

Darwin: Aw rats!

(Darwin looks over and finds something.)

Darwin: Hey, what's that?

(Darwin walks over to the strange thing.)

(It's a box with mail inside.)

Darwin: This is so cool.

(Darwin finds a message and reads it.)

Darwin: It's not far from the beach, but far from the jungle. Dare to find me in the sun, and you end up in tungle.

(Darwin heads to the beach and finds a crooked tree.)

Darwin: Alright, here it goes.

(Darwin climbs the tree and finds the Hidden Immunity Idol)

Darwin: YES!

(in confessional)

Darwin: I just found a second Hidden Immunity Idol. Now I'm powerful!

(Darwin hides the idol in his pocket and heads back to camp.)


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