Survivor Gumball Island Ep 5 (Part 1)


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(On Team Incredible)

Emily: I'd tell ya, Gumball is really hitting on Teri I can just tell.

Skylar: Yeah I agree with you. Gumball was lying at Tribal Council.

Emily: To me Teri is really becoming a distraction for Gumball.

Skylar: I couldn't agree more.

Emily: You know I'd figure.

Skylar: What is it?

Emily: I really think we should form an alliance. On that will show Teri what happens when one makes a decision as drastic as hitting on my man. What do ya say?

(in confessional)

Skylar: Emily just asked ME to form an alliance with her. I really want Teri out of this game, however I know alliances. They are commitments. They are NOT "okay got that guy out. SO LONG!". And I'm not sure if it's a good decision to trust someone as vicious as Emily.



Tobias: So, who do you want out next Miss Simian?

Miss Simian: I'm going to take out Darwin next.

Banana Joe: WHAT?! But, he has TWO Hidden Immunity Idols. TWO!

Miss Simian: I know. But you'll just have to wait and see.

(Miss Simian walks away.)

Banana Joe: HEY! Where are you going?


Miss Simian: You know Darwin, word has got out that you are well respected on the tribe.

Darwin: Really?

Miss Simian: Yes, really. However I'm no favorite here. In fact, the others are terrified of me. I need your immunity idols so I can be safe. please?

Darwin: Meet me in the woods in an hour.

Miss Simian: Okay.

(in confessional)

Miss Simian: Well I did it. I can already picture what is going to happen. I'll just go to the woods, get the idols, and vote his sorry fish tail out of here.

(Evil laugh)

Darwin: Apparently, Miss Simian's going around telling me that I'm grand where she's at risk. I know her plan ok. She just wants these idols so she can get me off. But when we meet in the woods, sparks will fly.

(Evil laugh)



Nicole: You want Darwin out?

Miss Simian: Exactly, I got his idols.

Nicole: You better give them back to him!

Miss Simian: NO!

Nicole: I'm warning you! I got great physical might! I could kill you with one punch!

Miss Simian: Really, well I like to see you try!

(Nicole puches Miss Simian in the face.)

Miss Simian: You call that a punch?

(in confessional)

Miss Simian: Well I've done it. I'll get Darwin out yet! But what about Nicole?


(In the woods)

Miss Simian: Well, here we are. So how about that idol?

Darwin: You mean idols?

Miss Simian: Of course.

Darwin: Well, here you go.

(Darwin hands Miss Simian two FAKE idols.)

Miss Simian: Why thanks Darwin. You have no idea what this means to me.

Darwin: Hey, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

(in confessional)

Miss Simian: YES! I got the idols! Darwin is GONE!

Darwin: Did you really think I would actually give my immunity idols to her! I believe that she will be screwd.



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