T.L.O.E.J is a club on the show.


Some of the villans that try to defeat Gumball and friends failed so they all teamed up to destroy him and they didn't know what to call it so they called it T.L.O.E.J.


These are the villans who teamed up and how they were defeated.

Radar (frozen by the elements of Elmore)

Werewolf Sullvan ( triped over)/(shot by poisonius traquliser)

Parody Sullvan (sent to mental hospital)

Jealousy. (explodes and dosen't kill the others)

Shadow Gumball (sliced in half)

Brownjelly (poped with big fart explosion)

SprayGator (water)

Spray Jr. (water)

Doodlelean (Coming Soon.) (Erased by Sullvan/Folded and kicked away.)

Jonh Zombie


Dark Gumball


3rd appearence of Radar after The Elements, and The Controled.

3rd appearence of Werewolf Sullvan after The Jelly and The Return.

3rd appearence of Parody Sullvan after Sullvan.MOV and Dog.MOV.

2nd appearence of Shadow Gumball,Jealousy, SprayGator,Spray Jr.,and Brownjelly after The Shadow, The Flower, The Spray,and The Fart.

Doodlelean could join the club in an Season 5 episode.

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