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The What? is a series of stories collected in Elmore. 

The ?
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Gumball Fan Art GONE WRONG

Gumball and the gang try to do some fan art based on "Hour of Misaventures". But they start to exagger with them...

Superdad & Wondermummy!

Because their own kids consider them boring, Nicole and Richard decided to become "supers". Litterary.

Daisy the Donkey

With Cobby's help, Anais, Cobby Jr. and Lilly makes a real-like Daisy. But what happens when the giant Daisy takes the three youngsters and climbes up on the highest building in Elmore?

The Ghosts of the Heavenly Clouds

Carrie and Masami fight for school president. They try to obtain more votes from their classmates and the citizens of the town.

Cactus vs. Balloon

Carmen and Alan broke up after some rumors came in school that they betrayed eachother. They must say the truth until it's too late!

Daddy's Girl

Barney feels that his relationship with Martha goes apart. So they decided to have a father-daughter evening. But what happens when there will be a storm in the same day, leaving the two alone?

The Amazing World of Gumball: The Game

Darwin, Martha and Gumball make a game after going around Elmore.


It is greenlit for a sequel,"The Double What?".

Gumball Fan Art GONE RIGHT: The gang make their own show with their fan arts.

The Return of Superdad!:

Daisy the Donkey II: ?

Attack of the Ghosts from Hell to Heaven: ?

Eye vs. Balloon: Alan develops a crush on William.

Mummy's Boy: ?

The Amazing World of Gumball: The Game II: Gumball and Darwin make a sequel to their game "The Amazing World of Gumball: AND DARWIN: The Game".

The Scenes (Behind It)

  • Gumball Fan Art GONE WRONG was a blog created by Thoexu on "The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki".
  • Superdad & Wondermummy! was based on Superman and Wonderwoman.
  • Daisy the Donkey crashing the town was based on "Godzilla".


  • Hmm... uh... All main characters have a different look?
  • The episode was fairly censored in Australia, Phillipenes and Spain.

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