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Karly Rainbow: What she really is

This is a cancelled fanfiction series. Leave a message on an admin's talk page if you want to continue it.

What Darwin Saw

Darwin was terrified of the idea of murder. Was it true? Did it happen for real? Darwin didnt know what to do. Call 911? No, they would suspect him as the murderer. Suddenly, an idea poped in Darwin's mind. "I know! I'll call Tobia's sister!" Darwin thought it was a great idea. Until he got the phone call, that is.

--"Heeeelllloooooo. Im sorry, we are out. But leave a message, 'Kay?"--

A beep came after the message. Darwin said the following: "Hello, this is Darwin (Insert long name here). I need Tobias and his sister to come to the Watterson house. Bye....

That was all he said. After the message, Darwin started to panic. What was he going to do know? He has no one else to call. Then he noticed the time. 9:30! SCHOOL! Darwin rushes to the bathroom, to the kitchen, and then to the curb where the school bus meets. Luckily, the bus is still there. Yet Darwin notices something else. Two people. Standing side by side. Tobias and...who? There was a girl. As high as Darwin. She had a shiny bow on her head. She resembled Tobias. Yet something was off. She was never, ever, ever seen near Tobias. Or anyone, as Darwin remembers. She was never here before.

Tobias noticed Darwin and signals him to come with him. Darwin goes to Tobias and Tobias smiles with glee. "Hey buddy! Guess what!" He yells in Darwins face. "I just found a girl all alone here, so I decided to stay with her. She said her name was...ummmmmmmmm...Karly Rainbow. Yeah, thats it. She doesn't talk much. ' Ever since that accident.' Is all she would say. Odd, right?"


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