Not to be confused with FanFStory's The Accident.


Gumball breaks the wall with a hammer by accident, causing the ceiling fall down on Fireball.

Fan Fiction

~Gumball is running around the living room with a big hammer~

Fireball: No! Gumball, don't run with a hammer!

~Gumball smashes the hammer into the wall and Nicole walks in~

Nicole: What the heck is going on?!

~Nicole notices that Gumball's hammer and the hole that is next to him~


~The wall cracks and falls on Fireball~

Nicole: Fireball!

~Screen blacks out and flashes to Fireball in a bed opening his eyes~

Fireball: What... where am I?

Aguilera's voice: In the hospital.

Fireball: Okay. Wow, what a soft bed... It feels like someone is hugging me.

~Fireball closes his eyes again and opens them up~

Fireball: Wait a minute!

~Fireball removes the duvet and finds Aguilera hugging him~

Fireball: Aguilera, what the heck are you doing under the duvet?!

Aguilera: *attractive voice* I was just nursing you a little.

Fireball: Aguilera, you're scaring me a little!

~Fireball notices that Aguilera is wearing only a T-Shirt and underwear and wakes up~

Fireball: Oh my god, it was all just a dumb dream.

~Fireball sleeps again~

Fireball: It feels like someone is hugging me.

~Fireball opens his eyes~

Fireball: Aguilera, get out of my bed!


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