Summary of The Last Time

Last Time,Gumball watterson has lost his last friends and now on his own to find the Fire Dojo itself with the 3 elements.But so he must be quick becuase without a master to follow he is clueless so he must finish everything he has done.


For 3 weeks,Gumball walked on his own countinuosly without any friends and Gumball is tired.But by accident he finds The Fire Dojo and He begins his long training once more.


Alex:What do you want from me?


Alex:I will never tell where he is going

Nicole:Tell me!

Alex:How he has the map and all of our moving devices!

Nicole:Fine.But lets see what is in this book.

As Nicole opens the book she is shocked by everything she sees

Nicole:Earth,Ice,Lightning?Is this a legend.*gasps*Could it be The Legend of The Dragon Lord!?!?!

As the search begins Elmore is attacked and is captured,Meanwhile Gumball is training with the few fire fragments he had and for 5 months he is barely halfway to finish fire.But by magic he falls asleep


1st Dragon Master:Its time...........


Back at Elmore Square Building 2,The building falls and 4 pillars surrounding a temple appears.Gumball Friends are shocked by everything they sees and quickly reads the book Alex dropped.

Meanwhile Gumball makes hhis way to Elmore.

Next:The Last Stand.

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