Gumball escapes from his family as he gets to Simon's(His nickname) House and begins a journey to The Earth Sanctuary as Darwin finds Gumball is gone.Now where does the Earth Sanctuary will take him?


Gumball arrives in the Earth Sanctuary and preceeds with caution to avoid traps.But then one of the Elders steps in a trap,Arrow Trap,Launching everywhere,they were forced to use earth powers as shields to protect themselves escaping the trap.Gumball discovers a sign that a Boulder Trap is near.The gang slips away and escapes the next trap.Then they find two ways that may lead to the training hall of the sanctuary.They took the one to the right and ecounters 50 Golems.Gumball smashes every single one with the ceiling revealing a pathway to the Training Hall.Excited, Gumball begins his training to master earth.

Back at Elmore the police looks for clues of Gumball dissepearance.They find footprints of Gumball and realizes he left.Trying to trace the footprints,they find a dead end and it was impossible to go further.The family was told about this.

3 months later,Gumball masters earth and manages to grab the will to fight till the end.Then His Earth Teacher then dies Gumball now prepares everything for the Journey to the next sanctuary.Gumball begins to learn that his family is now searching for him.Thus knowing this,he prepares his next battle against the next Defense Line ready to stop him.Simon(His real name will be revealed in the next story)gets Gumball and says to him "Never let your Guard down".Simon then warns him about the consquences of that.The Gang then calls the 2 and begins their journey to the Next Sanctuary.Back at the Watterson House,Darwin and Anais begins to lose hope that Gumball will die.But Darwin will still hope Gumball is still alive.

What will happen to Gumball next?Where will the Spear Forter will be waiting for them?What on earth is happening In the Watterson House?Find out next time in:The Adventures of Gumball Watterson:The Volcanic Fight.

You may ask questions what is next and why i was gone for a long time just dont ask me about Simon's Real Name.It will be revealed next story.

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