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This new series I'm making called The Adventures of Mabel is going to be a complete series, which should survive untill the last episode of it's 15th season, because YOU'LL LOVE THIS SERIES!


Narrator: Ah, another beatiful day in Elmore. Let's see what Mabel is up to!

Mabel: Take that, stupid tiger!

Tiger: ROAM!(NO!)

???: Tiger! YOU'RE GROUNDED!

Nicole comes downstairs

Nicole: Mabel, it doesn't count for you, because you never get grounded. But still, can you spend at least 5 minutes in your room?

Mabel: sighs OK.

5 minutes later

Mabel: Where did the tiger get the dress? It's so - I'M NOT FALLING FOR THAT! I WILL BARACADE THIS WINDOW!

Moves her dresser in front of the window

Gumball and Darwin: We saw it too, yet we didn't fall for it.

Mabel: I didn't fall for it, either! Come in.

Darwin: Are we having a meeting?

Mabel: No - Well, pretty much, yeah.

Darwin shuts door when Gumball baracades it with Mabel's bed, revealing the entrance to Mabel's lab

Darwin: What the heck does that safe hold?

Mabel: It holds money No, it's not just any old safe. It leads to my lab.

Darwin: Is that where you hold all your weapons?

Mabel: It holds everything.

To be continued

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