The Amazing Gumball Race Ep 2




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Season One, Episode Two


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The Amazing Gumball Race

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Bobert: Gumball, are you alright? You blacked out.

Gumball: Where am I?

Bobert: You're in Elmore, remember? We are in a race, The Amazing Gumball Race.

Gumball: Oh, yeah. Let's get going. Do you know what place we're in?

Bobert: I'm afraid were in last place, you've be out for 25 minutes.

Gumball: We can still beat Team Silver, who are still at the first obstacle.

Bobert: I finished the puzzle for you, so let's get going.

Phil: (Talking to the camera telling the crowd) The major run is that each team have to go to every house on each street. They will have to give them their newspaper while they are handcuffed together. Their are four streets with five houses.

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