Gumball meets the Delta Force from the real world



Gumball Watterson

Delta Force Soldiers


The Sarge





S.A.S Soldiers

Everyone in Elmore


???: A real world's gotta be life

???: Wooo!.. What is that?

???: A portal! I wonder where it will me?

???: Oh well, must call in the troops

(calls troops)

???: Hello, who is this

???: Its me, Cpt. Joe

???: Oh, Cpt. Joe, what brings you here?

Cpt. Joe: I found a portal but I don't know where it leads to

???: should I call my troops?

Joe: Yes sarge, your rank is lower than me

the Sarge: sir, yes, sir

Joe: Good, better be fast


The Sarge: Shall we go now?

Joe: Ok, sir

(goes there)

Joe: What junk is this?

The Sarge: I don't know but it looks like real life with a cartoonish design

Joe: Yes it is but it's not real life actually

The Sarge: I know right

Joe: Yeah

(cuts to Watterson's house)

Gumball: Boy, it's hot!

Darwin: Yeah, it's the best day of my life

Gumball: Yeah

G&D: What a beautiful day

Gumball: Yeah, lets go to the park


Gumball: ahh

Cpt Joe: aahh

Gumball: Who are you?

Joe: Delta Force

Gumball: Never heard of it

Joe: Wait a minute, arent you Gumball Watterson

Gumball: Yeah

Joe: I know you, I used to see you on TV

Gumball: Im on TV????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????

Joe: Yeah, in real life

Gumball: But this IS real life

Joe: Did I say real life I mean in our world

Gumball: Oh, then welcome to Elmore

Joe: Now where is da sarge

Joe: Oh, there he is

(cuts to Watterson's house)

Nicole: Richard, where are the boys?

Richard: I think they're in the park

Nicole: Did they give permission to you?

Richard: Yea

Nicole: Ok, I'll go check them

Richard: Ok, honey

(Nicole goes to the car and goes to the park)

(meanwhile in Elmore Park)

SAS soldier: Stop right there, lad

Nicole: your British

SAS soldier: Oh, my fellow lad, yes

Nicole: What are you doing here?

SAS soldier: Restricted area, don't move

  • aims at Nicole*

Nicole: Hey, I work for the Rainbow Factory

SAS soldier: Mrs. Watterson?

Nicole: Yeah

SAS soldier: Ok, pass

(mean while)

Gumball: Can I borrow that gun?

Joe: No

Gumball Hey, I'm working for MIB, you know

Joe: Blue Russian Cat?

Joe: Is that you?

Gumball: Yeah

Joe: Take this pistol

Joe: Dr. Mini is on for us

Joe: But don't worry

Joe: I know a way

(screen turns to someone aiming a scope on a sniper)

FOX: hehehe

Joe: I think there might be spies here

(FOX shoots his sniper)

FOX: Boom! Headshot!

(Gumball gets tranqualized)

FOX: What?! this is a tranqualizer sniper?

FOX: Not again!

Joe: Blue Russian Cat! Nooo!!

to be continued

Part 2 coming tommorow august 14 2012

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