The Following scenes were removed from the first season of The Amazing World of Gumball, Because of their lack of good karma


(Gumball walks into his Room)

(Gumball notices that Aguilera's Iphone is in his bed)

Gumball: Siri?

(Gumball walks over to the bed)

Gumball: Siri, what are you doing in my bed?

Siri: Gumball I Love you, You have a sexy body,You're super handsome

Siri: You know what, You should dumb Penny and come with me!!

Gumball: What the fu?-

Siri: Would You..Would You make love to Me?!

Gumball: FUCK YES..

(Gumball takes all of clothes off and jumps in the bed and starts Fucking Siri and a Sexy song starts to play)

Jazz Dancer: Oooh yea. Lavender coloured Iphone Siri

Jazz Dancer: Super sexy extraordinaire

Jazz Dancer: Trying to find to more rhyming words in this Dictionary

Jazz Dancer: Lexy smexy extra crazy..

Jazz Dancer: Yeah yeah yeah..

(Penny suddenly comes in)

Penny Hi Gumba-

Penny: WHAT THE HELL?!?!

(Aguilera is outside the window filming with a camera)

Aguilera: What?, I Thought it was Sexy


(Fireball and Gumball are sitting around the Dining Table talking)

Fireball: I Still can't believe you fucked Aguilera's Iphone

Gumball: I Still wonder if I got her pregnant or Something

Fireball: Impossible. Iphones have even no eggs.

Aguilera :..God!

Gumball: But I'am never gonna forget our Sexy time,

Gumball:It was a large thing!

Fireball: That was exactly What she said.

Fireball When she saw my dick-

(Fireball randomly takes a Dictionary up)

Fireball: Tionary. I spelled it wrong.

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