I know most of you might not want this, because sequels are usaully disapointing :P, but i decided to go off my Mlp fan series for a while and get back to writing other fanfics and so i thought, how about another gumball movie? I intend for this one to be a bit wackier then the first one, but be warned, this wont have the MIB anymore (because gumball and darwins memories got erased), this will just be a whacky spring break...or will it? :P


a few months after insane stuff happened, Gumball and his family decide to have a normal spring break...or so that is what they think...


Gumball Watterson

Darwin Watterson

Richard Watterson

Anais Watterson

Nicole Watterson

Gumballs classmates


Principle Brown


Scene 1

might be comming soon, dont know, gonna go over story and all that stuff

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