In the 1000th anniversary of a hero that defeated Anderous, Anderous escapes & goes after Gumball, because he's a descendent of the hero.


(Starts at 2 logos)

Anderous: 1,000 years ago, I, Anderous, spreaded terror to the world. Until a hero defeated me & named the town Elmore. So every thousands years, I'm able to escape to spread terror again.  However, I soon find out that 1 kid is the descendent of my enemy: Gumball Watterson. (Theme Plays) NO, you sicko! Dramatic Music!  That's better.

(cuts to school)

Miss Simian: Today is the 1000th anniversary of the founding of Elmore. So, class is dismissed early today. (Everyone starts running) 

(Montage of the festival is shown & cuts to nighttime)

Anderous: Psst!

Sal: What?

Anderous: Get me out of here! NOW!

Sal: OK.

(Statue breaks & Anderous starts laughing manically, killing Sal in the process)

(Everyone gasps)

Anderous: Hello, everyone, I'm back! (Everyone screams) QUIET!!! Which one of you is Gumball Watterson (Gumball pops up) So you're Gumball, huh? I thought you were an adult. The prophecy says only an adult can hurt me. Now let's get it started here. (kills Larry, The Doughnut Sheriff & The Robinsons)

Nicole: Gumball, you're the descendent of the hero, but you can't hurt until you're an adult. (Anderous kills Rocky, Principal Brown, Mr. Small & Miss Simian) (Everyone else runs away)

Anderous: Hey, get back here! (kills Idaho, Anton & Banana Joe)

Anais: What are we going to do?

Nicole: I don't know, but you guys head to the Forest of Doom! (gets killed)

Gumball, Darwin & Anais: MOM!!!!!!!

Penny: Gumball, over here!

Tobias: Follow us! (they all head to the forest of doom & Carrie joins in)

(Anderous fires a blast at the forest of doom)

Penny: Since we're about to die, I wanted to do something with you.

Gumball: What's that?

(they end up kissing)

(Darwin & Carrie do the same)

Anderous: Ew! Gross! (kills everyone) It seems if I have stopped the prophecy, because if it was fulfilled, I'm would be a goner & I'll actually die! Hmm... Now what I'm going to do? (looks through the ruins of everyone's house) 

(He finds Bobert)

Bobert: Oh, hi!

Anderous: Hi! Um, since the final battle has adults I'm going to ask you if you get a timecard over here.

Bobert: Sure thing. (Pulls up an intermission card)

(During the intermission)

Anderous: By the way, you need a better voice. Sorry,  Kerry Shale, but you're being replaced.

Announcer: The voice of Bobert will now being played by Paul Bettany. 

Bobert (now an adult): I sound like JARVIS now.

Anderous: Because the Avengers was great so you needed a better voice actor. (Bobert imprints a JARVIS symbol on him) You've read my mind.

(cuts to Bobert carring Tobias & Rachel's bodies)

Bobert: I'll need this (picks up an aging solution & tears Tobias & Rachel's clothes off) Before I do this, you guys needed better voice actors. Sorry, Hugo Harrison & Grey Delisle, but you're being replaced. (a fog comes out of Tobias and Rachel & another comes in)

Announcer: The voices of Tobias & Rachel will now be played by Troy Baker & Jessica DiCicco. 

(Bobert injects them with aging solution & puts a grappling hook on Tobias) (Then he dips Rachel in lava so she could absorb enough) (Finally he brings them back to life)

Tobias: Where are we? And why do sound like Jetfire?

Rachel: And why do I sound like Flame Princess?

Bobert: Long Story. Here put this on. (gives Tobias clothes in the same color as Jazz & Rachel a flame costume) Tobias, That grappling hook will allow to swing, ok? & Rachel, you can control fire because I dipped you in lava.

Rachel: What?!

Bobert: Now lets get Anais. (gets Anais & injects the aging solution) Now for the new voice.

Announcer: The voice of Anais will now be played by Kate Higgins.

(Bobert wires her up & brings her to life)

Anais: Why do I sound like Franke Stein

Bobert (sighs): Long Story. Put this on (gives her Franke's clothing) I wired you up so you can control machine just not me. (kisses her) Now let's get Darwin & Carrie. (They get the 2 & Boberts injects them with an aging solution)

Bobert: I hope this works! (starts stretching Darwin & later upgrades Carrie's teleportation) Now for the voices. 

Announcer: The voices of Darwin & Carrie will now be played by John DiMaggio & April Stewart.

(Bobert then brings them to life)

Darwin: Why do I sound like Jake The Dog?

Carrie: And why do I sound like Susan from Regular Show?

Bobert (sighs frustratingly): Long Story! Put this on. (gives Darwin & Carrie battle armor) Darwin, you can now stretch much like Jake & Carrie, I've upgraded your teleportation.

(He then makes them kiss, which they're now used to)

Bobert: Now lets get who we came for! (goes to get Gumball & Penny) (When he digs them up, he hugs thier bodies sadly) This has GOT to work! (injects them with aging solution) Now for the voices.

Announcer: The voices of Gumball & Penny will now be voiced by Johnny Galecki & Jennifer Lawrence.

Bobert: Now for the powers. (Shocks them several times, then he picks up one of thier arms & shoots lightning) Perfect! (brings them back to life)

Gumball: Huh, why do I sound Leonard from The Big Bang Theory? (Shocks himself) OW!

Penny: And why do sound like Katniss Everdeen? (Shocks herself) OW!

Bobert (fuming): LONG STORY!!! Sorry, you've all been telling me that, OK?! Put these on! (gives Gumball,  Leonard's clothing & Penny, Katniss' clothing from The Hunger Games)

Gumball & Penny: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING?! (get shocked again) OW!! GODDAMNIT! (gets shocked again) OW!

Bobert: I brought all of you back to life so the prophecy can be fulfilled. OK?!

All of them except Bobert: How old are we?

Bobert: You guys are about, 22, but Anais, you're 14. I gave you guys powers so it can help defeat Anderous. 

Gumball & Penny: Then why are we keep getting shocked?!

Bobert: It's because, you guys have to control your powers. Just try! (After a montage, they were able to control it) Now we're going to use this. (unveils a time machine)

All of them: Whoa! Bobert: We'll use this time machine to transport us at the time of the festival in order kill Anderous. Ok, everyone get in. (Everyone gets in)

(Earlier at the festival, Gumball & his friends become thier older selves because of the time machine in order not to tip the natural order)

Nicole: Gumball! Darwin! Anais!

Mr. Fitzgerald: Penny!

Tobias' Dad: Tobias! Rachel!

Tobias & Rachel: Hi, Dad!

Tobias's Dad: Where have you guys been-(noticed that they're grown up) What happened to you? Why do you sound like Troy Baker & Jessica DiCicco?

Mr. Fitzgerald: Why do you sound like Jennifer Lawrence?

Nicole: Why do sound like Johnny Galecki, John DiMaggio & Kate Higgins?

(Anderous is released) Anderous: Hey, everyone. I'm back! (everyone screams) QUIET!!! Which one is Gumball?!

Gumball: Over here!

Anderous: Huh?! (Gumball & his team appear) What?! NO! Why are you guys grown up?!

Bobert: We used a time machine.

Anderous: I'm doomed! I have to do something! (runs away but is grabbed by Tobias' grappling hook) Huh? A grappling hook?! (looks at the prophecy) Oh, no! (gets burned by Rachel) No! (shot by Bobert) NO! (gets hit by a tennis ball machine by Anais) NOOO!!!!!! (gets punched by Darwin & Carrie) THE PROPHECY! (about to get shocked by Gumball & Penny, but they shock themselves)

Gumball & Penny: COME ON!

Anderous: Hmm.. Maybe there's hope for me after all. The last part of the prophecy is a hero which has the combined features of you 2.

Gumball: We can't merge!

Anderous: Good! (kills them)

Everyone: GUMBALL!!! PENNY!!!

(meanwhile in the afterlife)

Shockwave: Hello, Gumball, Penny.

Both: Shockwave!

Shockwave: I'll make a deal since heard what Anderous said: I'll merge you 2 into this hero & brings you back to life, if you take me with you.

Both: Sure.

Shockwave: This will hurt alot! (fires a charged blast)

(Gumball & Penny scream) (Meanwhile, Gumball & Penny's corpses merge to form Predaking & awakens)

(The crowd gasps)

Darwin: Oh my, God!

Anderous (gasps): WHAT?! I just killed you!

Shockwave: But brought them back.

Anderous: Who said that?!

(Shockwave arrives)

Shockwave: Behold, Predaking & these are his minions: (transforms Darwin & Carrie into Grim Wing & Blackbeak) Grim Wing & his partner Blackbeak, (transforms Anais into Skystalker) Skystalker, (transforms Tobias & Rachel into Lazerbeack & Vertebreak) Lazerback & and his partner Vertebreak, (transforms Nicole into Ripclaw) Ripclaw, (transforms Richard, Tina, Banana Joe, Jamie & Ocho into Hun-Gurrr, Twinstrike, Blight, Windrazor & Rippersnapper) and finally the components of Abominus: Hun-Gurr, Twinstrike, Blight, Windrazor & Rippersnapper. They're all... (pause) Predacons! (Anderous gasps)

(cuts to an empty street)

(shots are heard)

(Anderous is shown running & shooting)

(He is chased by the Predacons in this order: Twinstrike, Hun-Gurr, Windrazor, Blight, Ripclaw, Skystalker, Rippersnapper, Lazerback, Vertebreak, Grim Wing & Blackbeak and finally Predaking)

(Anderous hides & loses the Predacons)

Anderous: I got to do something! (gets spotted) AHHH! (dies)

Shockwave: Excellent! But now you all have to die. (kills Hun-Gurr, Windrazor, Lazerback & Vertebreak)

Rippersnapper (using Richard's voice): Why did you do that? (gets killed)

Shockwave: Because I don't want to repeat the error I made previously. (kills Twinstrike, Skystalker, Blight, Grim Wing, Blackbeak & Riplclaw)

Predaking (using Gumball & Penny's combined voice): You used us!

Shockwave: Negative! I did not use you. You USE yourself. (kills Predaking)

(the real Predaking shows up)

Predaking: Thanks for killing that imposter.

Shockwave: You're welcome.

Megatron: What's going on here?

Shockwave: Nothing, Lord Megatron.

The End

(Ends at end credits and 2 logos)

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