The Attack (Part 5)
Length (unfinished) Seven Parts
Creator Gumball2
Summary Needs to be filled out
Previous Part The Attack (Part 4)
Next Part The Attack (Part 6)
Date of Creation December 8, 2011


This is part 5 of "The Attack".


I didn't know what to do. I cried for help, but only the blaze answered. I tried to call my friends, I once again got an answer from the blaze. I knew the only thing I could do was to break out myself. I tried going through the door, but the doorway was blocked from the falling debris. I tried jumping out the window, but I knew that would be a death wish. I felt hopeless, and hung my head down to die. But I felt something tingle within me, it was in fact, adrenaline. I got back to my senses, and with my enhanced boost pounded the plaster wall in one blow. I then encountered another problem, a wall of fallen, burning wood. I scaled the wall nearby and jumped through the hole on the ceiling, and up onto the roof. I looked around the surface of the roof looking for a possible way out. I searched and searched. When I finally found a metal ladder to climb down. I grasped the top bar, but my hand was suddenly burning in agony. The ladder was much too hot from the embers to climb down. I thought and looked some more. But it was useless, there's nothing for one to climb down on. I then spotted a way down, to jump. My mind enveloped with stress warnings of the possible perils. But I was left with no other reassonable option. It was either make a leap of faith, or be swallowed by the roaring fire that was quickly spreading throughout the aloft hotel. For two stories, that's not a lot for a hotel, but for a leap of faith; the odds were next to nothing. So, with one final breath of bravery, I triumphantly jumped over the edge. As I was descending, my mind spun. I was uncertain of what my fate would be once I hit the dirt road. The two story drop felt slow, but I knew it was moving very quickly. Before I knew it, I hit the ground. I closed my eyes beforewards. I thought I was dead. I was curious why I didn't see the golden gates of God, or the fiery walls of Satan. I then attempted to open my eyes, and I did. I was still in the warzone. I was expecting to be in miserable agony, but I looked down. And it was to my surprise that not only was I alive and thrived, but I was on my arms and legs. I was overwhelmed with shock with such an endeavor occuring. But I knew there was no time to lose from this. I needed to find the others. I then began a search throughout town. The Chinese were gone, but the sky was orange for a 2 AM stroll, and felt like a ghost town. I searched every business, home, and landmark in what was Glenmore. But I couldn't understand, could they have really abandoned me. I thought to myself that they haven't, but the anger overwhelmed me. And I reached the ground, scooped up some ash which was dirt, and whipped it against the wind. As I stared angrily at the taunting, black cloud I saw a general store. I hadn't searched it yet. So with my courage I stepped inside. It was a barren, wooden shop. I figured that they have abandoned me. Andthe store contained enough supplies to last throughout this fallen outbreak. I then hopped behind the counter, looking for more supplies. When I then saw what left me with glee. The gang. They were all glad I was alive. I then sat down with them, and asked them why they lefted me behind. Darwin answered my question by stating it was a mere accident. The others figured someone else would wake me up, but they didn't. I then told them we needed to leave immediatley. And without any interference, we gathered our things, and set out for our next acquaintance. To Be Continued

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